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My life is about to get extra complicated and I'm looking to move into this period with a sound nutritional base to make my and my 3 little kids' states of mind as even-keeled as possible. Essentially, I'm looking for some recommendations of books that sketch out meal plans/diet plans that promote... I don't even know... equanimity?!


We're not terribly unhealthy eaters, but the kids and I lean especially hard on carbs (cheese and bread) and I feel like my eldest daughter (5) and I are particularly susceptible to sugar rage. ... My husband, who is the gardener and the cook, is going to mostly be absent during the week... and I just need a guide.


Reasonably quick things to make for them that they'll eat that at the very least won't encourage meltdowns, etc.


Not even sure I'm making sense. I'm not a cook. I've been spoiled by husband's interest in cooking, but don't have his culinary ambitions, esp. since I'm going to be, for all intents and purposes, a single parent. I am looking for books that have great, healthy, quick recipes that don't lean so heavily on carbs (or even whole grains)...