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I didn't even know this place existed until today, and was excited to see that they offer a preschool program...but I can't find any information on it at all.


Our son (now 3.5) was in an amazing AMS Montessori before we moved from TX and loved it.  I'd assumed that we would look for another Montessori program because it was such an amazing fit for him, but with his personality and interests an arts-focused program would probably also be a consideration.


I've found some pretty mixed reviews about the elementary and high school levels, but nothing at all about the preschool program.  With the older kids, it seems like parents either really really loved it, or just detested it.  Reviews from students and staff were all quite good.  Test results...left something to be desired, but I'm not sure that I'm terribly concerned about that at the preschool level.  (We're still considering homeschool and other options for later...)


Any information is appreciated.  TIA!