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New Account..

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Well I usually log in through facebook but since FB has suspended my account due to my horribly offensive photos I posted of a homebirth I photographed last week I started a new account. I refuse to acknowledge the warning that they are offensive so I can't log into my account.. I was APmama.. I swear if I had the resources I'd start a new "FB"  type networking site that wasn't so ridiculous.



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Ugh sorry that happened!  So lame!

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Grr.  Sorry you have to deal with that.  Not fair at all.

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There is a new FB type networking site. Its called Google Plus. If you send me your email via PM, Ill send you an invite.

However, Im mad about fb and them shutting down your account because of a homebirth picture. Was it super graphic? I know they dont allow breastfeeding photos, but Ive never heard of anyone trying to post a birth photo. Maybe you need someone to make you one of those "100,000 people against facebook not allowing you to post your birth pictures" things.
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I think it's absolutely ludicrous that there can be nearly nude women posing provocatively on Facebook, but if a woman's body is being used for something natural and beautiful, it's "offensive." The only thing offensive about our bodies is that our body parts are exploited as something purely sexual and not maternal. It's sick and sad. I'm sorry you're going through this. It only proves what the world is coming to these days. hug2.gif


Holly, I would love an invite! I'll PM you my email.

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It wasn't graphic at all IMO.. It was her in the pool and her husband was behind her with his arms around her but you could see the side of her nipple.


Today I went on a quest to find "offensive" photos and there are chicks with their whole nipples hanging out, laid out on a bed, with their hands in their underwear.. Not one or two but TONS of them... Hell there is a boob ap and a nipple ap where you can send random naked photos to your friends.. But the SIDE of a nipple is pornographic and against their terms of use.


I have a google plus but haven't had time to even look at it yet. It really ticks me off because on top of it all when DH gets to go to a forward operating base he can look at FB and see the videos of the boys or my stomach moving, etc. whereas with mail it's taking five weeks to get to him. I made another account just so he can still see us when he gets the chance every couple weeks but it's just infuriating!



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That's just terrible and I would try to start a movement on facebook banning all nude photos if you can't have birthing/breastfeeding etc photos on there. Maybe I'll do just that. lol


ETA: Here is a page I created. If you wanna join, it's an open group, so here ya go! Let's see how many we can get on there. Oh DUH! Might help if I put the link in. lol Preggo brain. Here it is. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/226000187438099?ap=1 

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Girl I closed my FB because people post rude stuff on my page! Idont like that. FB has some nerve... they allow people to post their chest and othe graphic pictures but blocked you for something that is so amazing as child birth!

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So frustrating! Just got a warning and photo suspension for THIS!



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OMFG Cuss.gif So effing stupid. I'm sorry, but I see things WAY worse, all over Facebook than this. I mean, it's maternal, it's not sexually suggestive, it's not provocative in any way.....Just.....wow.

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Wow. I had to really stare at the pic for a minute to even notice the teeny bit of nipple.


Does someone (i.e. on of your friends) have to report your photo as inappropriate for FB to notice? Or do they have employees out there screening photos all day?

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Someone has to report it which is why it's so infuriating.. The only thing I can come up with is that I tagged the mom in the photos and someone on her friend list reported it because I post pretty graphic links.. ie: full on breech birth photos, posterior birth photos, etc. and have NEVER been reported in three years. This was the first time I tagged someone where people off my friend list could see them..


I just started a new account and made everything extra private.

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That is infuriating. I think something like that falls under the "if you don't like it, look away" rule. Obviously mom didn't think the picture was indecent, and there is plenty more offensive stuff on FB. People are weird.

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It was no doubt someone that was on her friends list that was most likely very modest and conservative. I posted a belly photo when I was pregnant with my DD, and one of my relatives sent me a message of pure shock and just mortified that I would show that much of myself.


Meesh, no one is going to report a woman with her overly large augmented breasts hanging out or if she's spreadeagle without panties because sex sells. That's the cold, hard truth. No one wants to go out to the park or to Target and see a mother wearing their baby and breastfeeding them at the same time. It's disturbing to them because they view female organs as purely sexual. Why? Because sex sells.

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:) I'm modest and conservative and I like the picture!

Originally Posted by IwannaBanRN View Post

It was no doubt someone that was on her friends list that was most likely very modest and conservative.


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Originally Posted by BananaBreadGirl View Post

:) I'm modest and conservative and I like the picture!


I guess I meant more like someone who is opinionated about being modest and conservative. For alot of people, the picture is in good taste, but a person would HAVE to be opinionated to have reported such an innocent picture.


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