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Korah's UC waterbirth story + pics!

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Woke up with contractions about 4-6 minutes apart and intense enough that I couldn't talk through them. I sat in the glider and rocked for awhile to see where they would go, but got tired around 4am and told my body that I was going back to bed. It listened and my contractions stopped.

I woke up with mild contractions and cooked the kids a big breakfast, then cleaned up the kitchen. I was having contractions about 7 minutes apart the entire morning and finally decided that I had to go to the grocery store, since we were out of everything.

I went to Winn Dixie because it was closest. I ran into a vendor from my store (the Frito Lay guy) who said I looked like I was finally gonna have her today. An employee stocking the meat department told me to have them call him if I started having her, because he had nine kids and knew what to do by now. Contractions were 5 minutes apart while shopping, and I had to stop and lean on my shopping cart with each one.

I made it home and discovered what a mucous plug was. Gross. It was something I never saw in early labor with my other two, so it took me by surprise. I put away groceries and say down to see if the contractions would space out again. They went back to 7 minutes apart and I felt bad for thinking this was the day and getting everyone excited.

My mother in law (and doula) arrived with the exercise ball and other necessities. Between contractions, we discuss the home vs. hospital option. In the end, we opt to stay at home barring a medical need to transfer. Once we decide, my labor finally picks up.


I move to the bedroom and try to sleep, but that trick doesn't work anymore. The contractions stay five minutes apart or more, but are beyond intense. Kris applies counter pressure to my lower back while I sound like a dying beached whale.


I proclaim loudly that I don't want to do this anymore, I would like to stay pregnant forever. I also state my desire for a c-section at this point. I receive a text notification at some point, and it is a Facebook update from my friend in Texas who is also in labor, saying "This epidural is so awesome!!!" I throw my phone and say a few bad words.


I start pushing. I can't help but hold back a lot because surely this can't be it, since I am still making jokes between contractions. I am on my knees next to the bed with my face in the mattress, and everyone is reminding me to keep on the liner this time (I sat on the very edge at Mikah's birth, and bled all over the white carpet). My mother in law is holding the towel for me to pull on, and Kris is still pushing on my back. I get so tired that at one point I get on the bed to lay down, just wanting to go to sleep, but that makes things even more intense. I ask for someone to run a bath.


The water feels GREAT. Contractions finally feel like they are doing something.


I had had several dreams about delivering while laying down, which I ignored because I was planning on doing it next to the bed again on hands and knees, but suddenly I found myself on my back in the water, pushing with all my might. MIL was still pulling on the other end of the towel, while Kris was holding my back while I curled up to push. This time around it was hard! I felt like I was never going to have her out of me, and remember telling everyone between contractions that I couldn't do it anymore, I was done, I quit.



Eventually I could feel her head really low, and felt the ring of fire. Many people have said in their birth stories that a water birth helped with the ring of fire. Let me set the record straight: it does not.



I felt her head come out and didn't want to let her sit under water too long, since our tub drains and the water was already barely covering her. I reached down and felt her head--something I never got to do with my other kids--and then got back to pushing.


Korah is born. MIL lifts her out of the water, hands her to Kris, and he lays her on my chest. She is covered in so much vernix she can't open her eyes or anything. She is breathing and getting pink, just not crying, so I wipe her down with the towel and she gets mad enough to cry.








A little after 8pm we clamp and cut the cord. It is too short for anyone else to hold the baby, and I'm cold and ready to get out of the tub. The placenta delivers almost immediately afterwards, and I rinse off one last time and get out.



Korah and I crawl into bed for her first meal, with the boys meeting her for the first time.





Korah was 7lbs 10oz, 19" long.
Born 7/7/11 at 745pm.

She will be two weeks old tomorrow


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OMG! She's amazing! And your birth sounds about how I would like mine to go. As long as there's no complications, I don't care what pain I go through. lol Congrats!

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Congratulations biggrinbounce.gif

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Thanks for sharing your awesome story! Can I ask what solidified your decision to stay home? I'm also in a "maybe UC, maybe hospital" place right now and plan to decide based on how I feel in labor.

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Congratulations on your sweet girly! Love those cheeks!! Welcome Korah! love.gif

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Originally Posted by ursusarctos View Post

Thanks for sharing your awesome story! Can I ask what solidified your decision to stay home? I'm also in a "maybe UC, maybe hospital" place right now and plan to decide based on how I feel in labor.

Yes. We had done it before with ds2... Our local hospital has a primary cesarean rate over 40% and overall rate over 70%.... Once I get to a certain point in labor, I don't want to go anywhere.
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Well done mama!  Beautiful!  I love your sense of humor and I'm glad you shared your story!  Enjoy her!

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Congrats!!  I love the story and all of the pics! <3

My babies both had super short cords, too, once the placenta was out and in a bowl on floor (I and the babies leaning forward on the couch), the cords were getting tugged, so we decided to cut them right away.

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that was beautiful CONGRATS! smile.gif

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Congratulations :) Thank you for sharing!

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