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Anyone have info on toxoplasmosis?

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To make a long story short, last night DH and I found a lost cat in our neighborhood. We carried her to our friend's house where she spent the night, and this afternoon I took her to our vet to get her scanned for a microchip and tested for a respiratory infection (she had been sneezing). I spent a lot of time handling her yesterday and today (including after she pooped in the cat carrier on the way to the vet and got it all over her paws). The vet tech said since I grew up with cats that I shouldn't worry about toxoplasmosis too much, since I have probably already been exposed to it. I still can't help feeling really nervous and guilty about potentially exposing our embryo to it.


Right now I'm trying to figure out if I should go get myself tested, and possibly treated, just to be on the safe side, and whether I should refrain from handling the cat from now on. It just didn't even occur to me last night that carrying her and taking her to the vet could put us at risk. I have been very careful, and showered immediately after getting home yesterday and today, but I'm still anxious about this.


Does anyone have advice or info or experience with this? Thanks in advance.



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Your post jumped out at me.  I am no longer pregnanat but had major anxiety over this while pregnant. 


My OB told me in all her years (probably 30+ as a doc) she -


1. never saw a case of toxoplasmosis in a pregnant woman

2. said most people have been exposed to it

3. raw or undercooked meat or soil is the most common source of human contact

4. that you would basically need to eat cat crap to contract it from a cat.


If you are worried, demand to be tested, which is done through a blood draw.

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From everything I have read, it is pretty rare. Probably more rare than actually catching tetanus. As long as you wash your hands after handling anything poopy, you should be A-OK. You're more likely to get exposed as a kid because kids are not as good about washing hands before they touch their face, the counter, the door handles, etc.
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Thanks ladies. I want to go get tested (since the blood draw can apparently show that you are immune due to a previous exposure), but that's actually proving difficult! The midwives I have an appointment with won't see me for any complications until AFTER I have my first prenatal with them, and I'm not terribly fond of the ob/gyn I was seeing. My gp's office has an after-hours clinic (cheaper and less stressful than urgent care), and despite the fact that I called and specifically asked the person I spoke to whether they could test for it-and got a resounding YES, even after she checked with a supervisor-when I showed up they said they can't. Seriously, I drove a half hour in rush hour traffic, and had my DH leave work early to meet me there (last time I had blood drawn I almost passed out so I wanted to have him there), and the woman behind the desk was all "Oh, we don't do that here, the person you talked to was wrong, you have to go to the ER for that." The ER?! From what I understand, checking toxoplasmosis titers is a routine part of prenatal screenings. How can they not have the capability to do that? splat.gif


I'm going to call my gp and see if she can write me a prescription to take to a lab that can do the test for me, and if that fails I guess I'll call my ob/gyn. I wouldn't be as worried, but my first prenatal appointment isn't for another 3.5 weeks, and on the off-chance that I did contract it for the first time now, I'd rather treat it sooner than later. I know that the odds of getting it are really really low, but I have horrible luck when it comes to playing medical odds eyesroll.gif


Thanks again for your reassurances, I'm definitely feeling less stressed out than I was yesterday. And thanks for putting up with my rant here, I'll update when I get results, you know, if I ever find a place that will actually do the test ;)

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