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tests results normal - what now?

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After 3 losses I had a bunch of tests - thyroid, hormone, blood clotting, um other things tested by an endocronologist. I also had genetic screenings done before I had dd. What now? Western? What can an RE do that an E didn't test for? Eastern? Acupuncture? Naturopath? Chinese Med? 

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I'm so sorry for your losses. I wish I had the solution.


I've had two losses recently, but I've not yet had testing. I'm also older so that might be the reason.


I'm also doing acupuncture. I don't know how helpful it has been, because I was having it when I had the two losses - but I also had it for my DS, when I was 41, and was successful then.


I think TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) could offer you something that Western medicine can't - so it may be worth a try.


I hope someone else will come along and give you some ideas.



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I felt like accupuncture helped me get pregnant but I still had a miscarriage, despite going every week. Perhaps it's egg quality? I don't think accupuncture can do anything to fix that. I think accupuncture can help balance hormones, etc but not change the egg it's working with. 


I'm so sorry you are going through this mama! 



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I'm so sorry for your losses :(


I'm currently dealing with unexplained secondary infertility.  Tests don't really show anything is wrong, although a naturopath who has a lot of experience with fertility issues helped me "tweak" some things so that my levels were within the ranges she likes to see (my testosterone was low, my thyroid levels were a bit off, vitamin D was low, iron stores were low...)  So I've been taking lots of supplements, and also seeing an acupuncturist - I started all this in January, and still no PG :(  I just started Clomid this cycle, we're nearing the end of our TTC journey and this is our last attempt to get PG.  The acupuncturist keeps telling me that I'm doing everything right, that it's just a matter of time, and she can't figure out why I'm not getting PG.  I hope she's right, that it'll happen soon, but we probably will only try for a few more months before we move on.


So anyways, I know how frustrating it is to not know what options to pursue.  I hesitated for quite awhile before meeting with the naturopath (mainly because of cost), but I'm glad I did - I felt like she looked at my test results more thoroughly and really tried to piece everything together.  For example, I showed anti-thyroid antibody activity, which the doctor didn't even look at, but which the naturopath thought could be an issue - so she put me on thyroid medication, even thought my thyroid levels were with the normal range (albeit higher than she likes to see...)  She also took my concerns about a short luteal phase seriously.  At least I know that we did everything we were willing to try.  And I feel like I'm healthier in general because of it.  I also know that acupuncture is successful for many people, although so far I haven't seen results in terms of getting PG.  But it's probably improved my health as well...


Good luck with everything!

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