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Just admitted...

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....  to my Mom and Aunt that I am working towards a UC.


I feel exhilarated! It was such a weight worrying about what they would think or do, and after I told them, I didn't care what they thought! I need my husband and those who support me around, not anyone who is wishy washy or just overbearing.


It turns out they are all skeptical and think I'm a loon, but they DO in fact support me. :) That was an even nicer feeling, lol. 


Just had to share, haha. 

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that's wonderful. I've been thinking about opening up to my dad about it. I think he would  be the most likely to be supportive. You have such a good attitude

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Thats a wonderful feeling!

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Congratulations!  I am not ready to tell my family so I am impressed by your bravery :-)

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I am a vetran, so I will quote the military: "Need to know basis." My husband knows and supports our UC. This group does, too. Everyone else in my life doesn't need to know, so I will not share my plans. The bible speaks a lot about how we communicate with "fools." I am not trying to imply that our loved-ones and friends are "fools," but their current understanding of birth, UC in particular, can be perceived as foolish. So, the wisdom of the Lord says to not interact with these people. So, I keep my relationsips seperate from my birth detail. This protects me against foolish statements and influence.

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