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Apprentice Doulas

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Hi everyone!  


My husband and I are due November 18 and are having our baby at the North Shore Birthing Center and we'd love to work with a doula but we can't afford the fee. Does anyone know of any quality apprentice doulas looking for experience?  


Thanks in advance!



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Congratulations on your pregnancy and for seeking the support of a doula for the birth of your baby!


I recommend that you check out DoulaMatch.net, as well as the provider listings page of doula traning program websites (ie. DONA, toLabor, etc. Just google doula training program, and you'll find plenty!).


You may find new doulas willing to offer you their services on a volunteer basis, though it is generally a courtesy to offer a stipend for parking and gas.


Best of luck to you!

Nicole Siswick
Sweet Song Doula
twitter: @sweetsongdoula
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SweetSongDoula
Check me out on DoulaMatch!

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Hey Leah, I'm due Nov. 1 and am having my baby at the same place as you! I didn't have a doula last time for this reason, and I think your question is a great one. Thanks for giving me the idea.

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thank a lot nicole!  rosemary, hope your birth goes well! glad to help!

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