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I'm looking to find some high quality scientific research about postpartum hemorrhage.  I had a postpartum hemorrhage after the birth of my son due to retained placenta fragments.  I want to have a home birth this time, and at first my midwife indicated that would be fine, but she seems to be changing her mind.  I have several questions, but want research to back it up.  Mainly:


-How likely is it that this will happen again?  

-What can we do to prevent it?

-Comparison of active management of 3rd stage vs. not.


I must admit that I'm hoping to convince my MW it would be okay, but at the same time if the research convinces me the hospital is safer, than I suppose it's been worthwhile digging into it.  I would like to leave things alone a lot more than I did with my first birth (AROM, cord traction, coached pushing) and wonder if that would help.  


Any resources you can point me towards will be great!  Thanks a lot!