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Im 2 weeks late ive taken a test but its negative :/

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hi ive been trying for a baby for about 6months now.. im 18years old.. im 2 weeks late not not feeling like im gunna come on or that im pregnant so not sure whats going on. im gunna wait a few more weeks see what happends if im a month late il take another test see what that says if its negative again im gunna have to go to the doctors?... what do you think?? thanks <3 xx

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Do you chart your cervical fluids and/or temperature at all? It's possible you have had or are going to have a delayed ovulation this cycle, which would delay your period. Sometimes that results from stress or illness, and sometimes it just happens. Charting can help you better understand what's going on when things like this happen, plus it can help you identify the best times to try in order to get pregnant. The book Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a great resource for learning more about charting your cycles and understanding what your body is doing. (My library has a copy, and your might too so you can check it out before you buy it.)


Dollar store pregnancy tests work just fine, as do the even cheaper ones you can get on Amazon and other websites, so you might consider buying a few so you can test again soon. And, yes, if your period doesn't arrive in the next few weeks, it certainly can't hurt to get checked out, especially if you didn't get a full exam before you started trying to conceive.

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I agree with Physics Girl... it is more likely that you have delayed ovulation this cycle than it is that you are getting inaccurate results on an HPT 2 weeks after your expected AF.  Charting is such an empowering tool and can tell you when you're fertile, when you ovulated, how long your luteal phase is, when to expect AF, if you're pregnant, and if there is anything of concern happening with your cycle that could be tweaked with diet or exercise changes.  It's also fun!  I second the recommendation for Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  Charting can help you get to know your body better, avoid pregnancy and achieve pregnancy.  You can log your charting data on a free website like www.fertilityfriend.com so you can share your charts with us and we can help you decipher anything that is confusing.


At any rate O can be delayed by just a few days or by weeks.  So you may have O'd late or haven't yet O'd at all.  Fertile cervical fluid- creamy or eggwhite in consistency- is a great indication that your body is gearing up to O.  If you notice this, definitely DTD each day until it dries up in case you haven't yet O'd.  I would probably test once a week until AF arrives or you get a BFP.  If you feel as though something is wrong, definitely follow your gut and see a care provider.  But most likely nothing is wrong- just normal fluctuations in your cycle from common things like stress, travel, illness, injury, diet changes, strenuous exercise, etc.  Rarely a corpus luteum cyst can form, preventing AF.  These are harmless and usually resolve on their own in a few weeks.  External palpitation or an ultrasound could spot this issue, but again it's rare and usually nothing needs to be done.  So if it were me, I would just wait it out a few more weeks.  I'm sure an answer will turn up soon.


I also recommend posting in the trying to conceive forums instead of here- you'll get more responses.  There are a lot of threads for women TTC of different ages and at different points in the journey (waiting to O, in the 2ww, trying for over a year, infertility issues, etc.).  Check them out and jump in!  Good luck!

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