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Anyone else suffering from Hyperemesis?

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I had intense morning sickness with first and second pregnancies butit was nothing like what i am going through this time. I would just throw up a few times a day but was able to function normally for the most part  in between trips to the bathroom.

I though I was getting out of morning sickness this time becase it hit me af ew weeks later than with my other children. I was actually a little concerned that I wasn't throwing up or having food aversions. But then it hit me around week 6 and it hit me HARD. I got so dehydrated after 4 days of constant vomiting that I was halloucinating , and ended up in the ER to get fluids. I couldn't keep anything down for over a week, even water. They  doc in the ER gave me Zofran which didn't really help that much, I was able to eat a few bites but I still had that punched in the stomach feeling and felt like I could lose it at any moment. I was also scared to take the zofran because it isn't labeled as being safe for pregnant women, doctors often give it to pregnant women and claim there is no known harm to unborn babies, but that really doesn't comfort me that much.

I have lost quite a bit of weight and am weak and I don't have any energy at all which makes it really hard to take care of my other children. I feel so bad for them because summer is passing us by and I can't go out and enjoy it with them. Even helping my son get dressed or brushing his hair makes me feel exhausted. I have been housebound for the entire month of July so far. It is very isolating.  I had to cancel my summer vacation home to visit family because I am too weak to travel.

I am able to eat a bit now here and there. Preparing food is out of the question for me. the smells in my kitchen push me over the edge. I am able to whip up a pb and j while holding my breath for my son, then i run out. I can't make anything for myself without losing it. I pretty much live on cereal and milk.

 I just wish I could handle pregancy like a normal person. It is really hard to feel excited about another baby at this point. I just feel like I have had food poisioning for the past month. I have been having dreams that I can eat again and I go on binges eating anything and everything I want, I wake up feel really sad. When you cant eat a thing it really is hard to enjoy life.

Hyperemesis is severe vomiting and nausea, and for some women it lasts through the entire pregnancy.

I usually felt better by my 16th week with my other two kids. i am hoping I don't have to go through this for 9 months.

I don't know why things are so much more difficult this time around. Several people including my midwife have suggested that maybe it's a multiple pregnancy. Twice the babies twice the morning sickness.?

Is anyone else suffering from Hyperemesis? Any suggestions or just want to commiserate with me? It is lonely where I am.

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HumbleLuna, I am so very sorry you are going through this! It sounds positively miserable. Big hugs to you!!   hug2.gif


I do not have much advice to give you--I am very fortunate to have mild morning sickness--but I wanted to mention that a friend of mine has also been diagnosed with hyperemesis and has expressed feelings very similar to yours. She has been off of work for the past 3 weeks because she has been so sick and has had to have IV fluids at least once. 


Another friend of mine who is a midwife in training posted this on FB:




I don't know of anyone who has tried it--it seems rather simple, but makes sense. I sure hope this passes for you very quickly!!!

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Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing  the link MamaShannon. I will definatley give it a try. Seems simple enough. I am willing to try anything, and eating beans appeals to me much more than taking drugs that don't help much anyway.

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I just wanted to write and tell you how sorry I am that you're going through this, especially when you have little ones to take care of.  Although I don't think my symptoms could be described as hyperemesis, I am also pretty debilitated by nausea and vomiting, and I feel like a shell of a person right now.  It's mostly nausea this time.  With my first, six years ago, I threw up all day and lost weight, and lived on popsicles and cereal, and it wasn't until 17 weeks that I felt any better.  This time I am nauseated all day, throw up once or twice, but also have this irresistible need to eat every fifteen minutes.  If I overdo it, I'll throw up, but otherwise, I think the eating keeps me from going over the edge all day.  I haven't found anything else that helps -- not ginger, not eating more protein, not chinese herbs, not crackers or well-cooked grains and miso, not Zofran (which also makes me nervous, so I've only tried it twice) -- so I can't even offer you a new idea. . .I'm just wishing that this time passes quickly for you, and that you'll start to feel like yourself.  I relate to the summer-passing-by feeling, and the sense that you're missing everything.  My son is made pretty restless by how much I'm staying in bed, and it makes me really sad that these last months while he's an only child I can manage to be only a very sub-par mother.

I'll be thinking of you.  Courage and strength!


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I, too, feel your pain. I am on my third hyperemetic pregnancy and I am most definately NOT a happy pregnant woman. I lost 50lbs with each of my other 2 pregnancies(I was obese to begin with, so it wasn't a "concern" to my midwife and both kids are uber healthy, thankfully but I am well on my way again. Nausea and vomiting everything, hyper-senstivity to every smell, taste..cooking is out of the question so the kids have been subsisting on hummus and pb&j...ugh..I am going to need a mother's helper or to hire someone to bring in meals if this doesn't pass.


I haven't weighed myself, but at 6w, I was at 212 and my doctor commented that I looked like I had lost weight. I am going U/P, so I will try to be careful and try and keep some good stuff in as I can. Been using Nux Vomica with SOME success, so I am hopeful that this will lighten.


I hope that you feel better soon. Much love!

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I have it too, which is why I joined the group in my second trimester (I was too sick to read/write or participate in any activities besides sponging/sleeping).  I was hospitalized for four days at the end of June beginning of July.  I, also, had to cancel my summer vacation.  I lost ten pounds in under two weeks and was vomiting blood.  I was put on a 24/7 medical pump that delivers Ondansetron to me at 7 weeks.  I am still losing weight at 15 weeks (20 pounds total).  I will remain on the pump until I can gain weight.  I still vomit and eat very little.  My doctor told me to drink the calories, which I am.  I drink lots of juice and soda.  I feel a little better, but I am waiting to feel “normal” again.  I want to eat food so badly.  It smells great, but I can’t keep it down!  I was unable to work at full capacity during the summer, but I start grad school and  work again in a week.  I am praying that I am able to keep up with my responsibilities.  This is my first pregnancy and I never imagine the hell I was about to enter.  Without the help of my husband, I would be in real trouble.  

I hope you, HumbleLuna, are feeling better.  I also feel very isolated and confused by this hellish nightmare.   I am now finally able to be excited about the pregnancy and look forward to the fun and rewards that keep all women positive during these difficult periods.  Please write back if you are able.

P.S. I love your screen name.  I feel very connected to moon as well J   

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this sounds really really tough!  My heart goes out to you!

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I had hyperemesis with my first baby. I lived on IVs for a while because would vomit up anything, any fluid, even water.  I lost 60 lbs and she was healthy, but I certainly do NOT envy you having it... with my son it was MUCH better, and so even though I vomited a lot, I had perspective... this time I have been nauseated a lot, but no vomiting *knock on wood* and I just wanted to give you some empathy. (((hugs)))

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BloomingRosebud Thank you for responding to my post. I am sorry that you are going through it too and for your first baby too. I know how awful it is, it really steals the joy away from the pregnancy and makes quality of life really low. Although I am very sorry you are suffering too, it is kind of comforting to know that I am not alone in this and that someone understands what I am going through. I thought I was getting better(and I am gradually) but last week at 13.5 weeks I had to go in for i.v. fluids again after not holding even water down for several days. I keep reading that Hyperemesis often lasts the entire 9 months and I can't even imagine that. I was so weak at the beginning of this that my husband had to help me shower cause I couldn't do it alone, I can't imagine having to give birth in this weak malnourished condition. I am really hoping that won't be the case for either of us and that the sickness will end soon so we can enjoy this special time like we should. With my first two pregnancies my morning sickness was gone by 16 weeks so fingers crossed.

It seems like if I have a good day without being sick i push myself to do too much. I think it is because I feel like I have lost this entire summer to sickness and I want to enjoy the last few moments of it. I had a good day yesterday, but boy and I paying for it today. cant keep anything down and am totally exhausted and dizzy. I need to learn to take it easy even when I do have an okay day.

Please keep me posted on how you are doing. I could really use the support of another mama who is going through this too.

Sorry if this post was negative. I dont mean to be a downer. I am able to laugh about it sometimes.;)

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