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LEAP MRT test vs. ALCAT test for food sensitivities?

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I was planning on using the ALCAT test to find foods I was sensitive to, but then heard about the LEAP MRT (mediator release test) which was apparently made by the same guy who made the ALCAT test, but it's newer and supposedly more accurate. The website is not very informative, and I can't find much information about it on the internet (articles or people's reviews etc.). Has anyone here used it before or heard any good things about it?

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We did ALCAT 3 years ago. Never heard of the other one.

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You heard correctly: the LEAP MRT test by Signet Diagnostic is the next generation of food sensitivity testing from the ALCAT. Where the ALCAT is limited to looking for antibodies which may or may not be present at the moment of the blood draw, the MRT instead looks for the release of mediators (like histimine) which cause an inflammatory response regardless of antibody creation or not.

The MRT blood test identified 41 sensitivities in my 6-year old, and LEAP took him from a vomiting/constipated/failure-to-thrive kid with tantrums and sleep issues to a sturdy 8-year old of average height and weight who sleeps well, poops well, and is happy and thriving at school. It literally changed our lives.

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I also have used LEAP for my son who was 7 at the time.  His symptoms are now controlled w/LEAP, which included sinus/allergies, headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, poor weight gain, and behavior issues.  He did not miss one day of school last year!  I personally have benefitted on a lesser scale, as my symptoms were mild.  I am underweight and actually have improved appetite now, less achy and irritable/more grounded... as well as improved GI symptoms.  I have since become certified as a LEAP therapist and am so grateful for this program for my son (and myself!)... and for the opportunity to get the word out to help others.  If you need additional information regarding LEAP, I can get that to you ~ just let me know.  ~ my name is Jody.


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ALCAT doesn't look for antibodies. ALCAT looks for an inflammatory response. Just so you know.

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Did the ALCAT test revealed your food sensitivities?

Is removing the foods you're sensitive to them helped you?
I want to do the test and i want to consult.

Thank you

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I did ALCAT, removed about 20-30 things from my diet and have seen a huge improvement.

I was already not eating dairy, soy, yeast, egg, and gluten. Now I had to remove things like potato, beef, apple, etc. due to my ALCAT results. My hands and feet are a lot less swollen (my wedding rings are almost sliding off my fingers), less congestion, and my clothes fit much better (lost about 5 pounds in a month).

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I had it done for my two kids, and took out the foods, and I was amazed at the difference. There were things that I thought were just part of my son. But he started falling asleep easily (instead of taking an hour or more), no more mouth breathing, wasn't clingy, whiny, or tantrumy, besides the fact that he stopped having "growing pains", night terrors, stomachaches, etc.

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I forgot about this thread... But it seems as though LEAP is the way to go. I heard that they were updating their machines and that they would have a longer list of foods they would test for (in my opinion their smaller list of foods is a con compared to ALCAT). Any news on this?

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does a regular MD order the tests, or an alergist, ?? You have me so curious about these tests now...looking for sensitivity for my child.

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In my experience, neither. You usually have to find a nutritionist/holistic doctor. Or order it directly.

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Where can you order it directly?  I think I've found one place, but the cost is $495.  Does that sound right?  I feel like my son and husband still have something going on and so help me, I'm just tired of trying to figure it out already.  I mean, they've come so far, but it's been a really long time.


Thanks much

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I live in Toronto. I called Leap and ordered the kit, went to dr to have my blood drawn then mailed them the kit. It was $495 but worth every penny. I had severe chronic back pain and a lot of digestive issues that are absent now that I'm following the diet. My sister in law did the test as well because she has crohn's disease and since being on the diet has not had a single comication. (888) 669-5327 is the number I called to order the kit.
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Any update on this? Has anyone else had success with the LEAP test?

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Hello,  I am a LEAP certified dietitian with great results both personally and for my son.  I do have information I could e-mail to you. LEAP is more effective than ALCAT, and yes they are going to be testing 180 different foods/chemicals, etc., versus the current 150... but am not certain as to when.  I will find out.  I have also come across another very effective and safe therapy if you'd like information on that, as well (there is no cost to try).  Best Wishes to you!!  Jody Neville, RD


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Jody, sorry but I had to remove your links. Please see my note. thumb.gif

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Virginia,  I am not sure if you are still in need of information regarding the LEAP MRT test.  You would need to obtain a doctor's order if you want/are able to get your insurance to cover the test.  Otherwise, you can pay cash.  It is $295 if you go through a LEAP Dietitian such as myself, plus my fees of $245.  If you go directly to the laboratory, the charge is $495 for the test... a total of $995 to include the assistance to interpret and follow the diet plan by a laboratory staff member.  I thought I could do it myself since I am a Dietitian, but trust me, it IS difficult!  ...and the test result are computer generated, so the need for these results to be "fine-tuned" is truly needed.  Let me know if you would like assitance with this.  I also have another effective therapy, if interested, I could find someone in your area to help you.  Let me know ~ Jody Neville, RD, CLT

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A related question: I did the ALCAT test last June and ignored the results because there are so many things I am intolerant of!  I am now ready to follow them, but wondering:


(1) Are the results still valid?  My allergist says they probably are, but ALCAT says to re-test.  The results are supposedly valid for 9 to 12 months.


(2) Is the MRT test truly better?  Is it worth doing that test, as well?



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Hello :)   I would also recommend that you retest since it has been a year.  As it is a challenging diet to follow, it would be quite frustrating to try to implement, not know if your food triggers and/or level of intolerance has changed or not.  The MRT test is a modified and significantly improved version of the ALCAT test.  I would recommend MRT.  It is 90% accurate and tests for 150 foods/chemicals.  Let me know if you would like to pursue this... I can help you, or I can assist you in locating a LEAP Dietitian near to you :)  I may be contacted at (760) 508-0862, or my e-mail address is JodyNevilleRD@yahoo.com.  This may be the easiest way to contact me sooner than later, as I do not check in with the forum as often as I check my e-mails.  Best wishes to you!! ~ Jody

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