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how many ounces does a 7 month old need in a workday?

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That. I have been a SAHM for 7 full months now.  I just got a job offer and may be going back anywhere in the next two weeks but will definitely be back a month from now, full-time. I have very little milk saved up in my freezer (maybe 20 ounces?) and it is very difficult for me to pump in between feedings, since my LO still eats so often (it takes effort to get him to go even 2 hours w/o wanting to nurse, unless we are out of the house and he is distracted). Within an hour after nursing him I can maybe pump out 2 oz from each boob if I'm lucky. I'm stressed about going back for multiple reasons but especially b/c I am just used to nursing on demand since I've always been with him.


So, with that said, how much should I plan to have in my freezer for a typical workday of about 7:30 am to about 4 pm? My guy is 7 months tomorrow. He nurses very frequently but my pediatrician wants me to up his solid food intake so I can try to get him to go a little longer without nursing. His current bottle intake (if I leave the house for 2 hours) is about 4 oz. I want to make sure I have an amount that I can aim to pump and freeze so that I don't fall short, since I want to BF him for no less than a full year. He still nurses several times during the night. How much should I expect him to drink during my workday?

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Kellymom.com has a handy calculator to figure out how much expressed milk a baby will need while away from mom plus a fact sheet on bottle feeding the breastfed baby to prevent overfeeding - and thus stressing mom out by making her think she's not pumping enough.
Your doctor is just plain wrong - babies NEED to breastfeed on demand and eat solids at their own pace. That said, your caregiver could offer nutrient-dense solids to your LO while you're away if pumping output is an issue.
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I've seen a fact sheet before but I can't remember where. I'm going back to work soon too. Anyone know where you can find a good fact sheet online?
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this is a good site, too, but i didn't see a worksheet..  http://www.workandpump.com/ 

the back to work checklist is pretty handy.

it's really going to depend on your kid, though.  at that age, my dd would eat solids and tend to refuse a large portion of breastmilk, though she would drink some,  and wait for me to get home and nurse all night.  reverse cycling can be both good and bad. 

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Most babies take 3-4 bottles of between 3-5 oz of milk. In general, they should never be offerred a bottle larger than 5 oz and usually most will take  4 oz. One of my kids always took 3x4 and one took 3x5 . The size won't increase as they get older, but solids will play a bigger role.


I found double pumping helpful when establishing a supply. Pump 10 minutes, shower, pump 10 minuties.

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