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Quick thoughts on names

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I feel this little girl will never have a name.  LOL


Any thoughts on these names that have been running through my head. They are kind of unusual and I'm not sure if they will grow on me or I will start hating them. With DD, she was named Olivia for 4 or 5 days then I really didn't like it. LOL Now she's Lillian (Lilly)



Paulette (Polly)

Maren or Marit



I like Josephine (Josie) kind of.. I really like multi-syllable names -- or the idea of them -- I haven't found one that I like that is not too popular. Rather avoid the "top 10" list


thanks, ladies!!

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sounds like we have similar tastes :)


Josephine (Josie) is at the top of our list, and I really like Maren (we have a Maren in the family), I also love Hazel and Polly (not so much Pauline),


I'm really of no help...lol

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We are naming our new baby Hazel. love.gif


My good friend has a Josephine (Josie) and a Beatrice (Bea).

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I really like all your name choices, but I LOVE Polly. You never hear that anymore and it's just such a sweet name. But it doesn't seem likely that you'll go wrong with those names you have picked.

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I think they're all great (and the name we picked for AppleBelle-y is very very VERY similar to one of them  lol).  Do you ever use Behind the Name?  It's one of my favorite baby name sites.  For each name they give the normal meaning and all that, but they also link to the name's place in the popularity graphs, reader poll comments on the name, and similar names.  It's the "similar" name feature I really like because I'll often be thinking of a name with a certain "sound" but not be sure what that name is... so, for instance, with this babe we wanted to honor by dad (John) but we didn't want to use Jane or Joan.  But by following the links we eventually found Giovanna.  Which is what we're going with for her middle name.


Oh, the local dance studio here is run by two (twin) sisters named Polly and Holly.  :) 


We have a lot of "nature" names in this area too... I went to school with a (girl) Hazel and our family doctor's son is named Hazel.  My dd2 is named Rowan, dd1 attended preschool with a Willow (girl), a Zephyr (boy), a Hickory (boy), Silvanna (girl), Arvelle (girl), and a River (girl).  And classic names seem to be popular as well... Bela (girl), Emma and her twin brother Owen, Lawrence, Octavia, Edwin, Thaddeus, and Benedict.


Actually, if this babe had been a boy we were going to name him Goban (pronounced GO-van, it's an old Irish name) but Benedict was a strong front runner. I love that name!

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I am drawn to Polly and Hazel. Love the names!

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WombatClay.. LOVE your names list. I am adding many to mine from it!! Zephyr is the first boys name we both like!

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DDCC - couldn't resist, i just love name threads.


LOVE polly, so cute.  one of those names that works throughout life (i have a friend polly and it suits her as well as a little girl or an elderly woman, IMO).


dh, who's a high school coach, has a maren on his team (although she spells it merin).  i think it's lovely (but that may be because she's such a lovely young girl).  hazel's really cute too.  great name list!


funny that you like names with multi-syllables.  dh and i are partial to monosyllabic names and both of our children have them.

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