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I don't think that this doctor's reaction was all that unusual ... I am 7.5 months pregnant with my first and I am Rh negative but refuse to have the 28 week Rhogam.  2 docs in our practice advised against that decision, but were respectful and ultimately quiet about it -- the last one we saw lectured us for nearly 30 minutes!  She also gave the "seat belt" analogy ... then she proceeded to ask us if we even wanted her to check the heartbeat because "that could be useless, too".  LOL.


I'm learning to laugh these things off ... it is NOT easy.


Trying to find good solid research on the effectiveness of oral K prior to circumcision ... not having a boy (if it is a boy) circumcized is not a talking point, it will get done with or without K ... that is, if a doctor will do it without the shot.