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Are these evap lines or a faint BPF? Pics!

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No Idea how many DPO I am. Either 9 (according to OPK assuming I  O'ed 24 hours after OPK BFP) or 6 (according to my typical 30 cycle, 13 day LP).

So are these evap lines or what? Top test was with FMU. 5 minutes after peeing on it.  Bottom test was with the trickle of pee I had left in me after squinting for 15 minutes and thinking WTF?

The tests are Dollar Tree.



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Same tests.

Test from trickle of pee....




Test with FMU


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I hate those tests because I always get evaps. Try again in a few days. Good luck!!

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Anyone else??

Do you see it?

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I definitely see both lines. Good luck mama, hopefully they're not evaps. If not for recent evaps of friends, I'd be saying "Congrats!" Another positive in a few days would be more definitive.

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I see what you're referring to but it's really difficult to tell what color it is in the picture.  Evap lines tend to be greyish.  Did it show up in the correct window of time or after?  It's promising, but I would try again tomorrow and the next day to see if you get a more obvious BFP.   Good luck and keep us posted!

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Each showed up within 5 minutes. They seem to be light pink.

I've never had an evap. I dont know if they are something that pops up on all tests or what.

I did have one stark white BFN when I was testing with DS. Got my BFP the next day. These aren't stark white though...there's something there. I just dont know what!

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Evaps seem to plague certain brands worse than others, but in general when you're testing really early there is a chance of getting evap lines.  Apparently blue dye tests are worse offenders than pink dye tests.  What sensitivity are the tests you used?  I might suggest getting a different test for your next testing just to compare.  Try a First Response Early Response or generic drug store test that only needs an hCG level of 25.  But again, it seems really promising!

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They look positive to me! If there is pink colour in them and they come up within 10 minutes, then its positive! Congrats mama.

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I see the line. CONGRATS!

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I think what a lot of people are calling evaps are actually chemical pregnancies. I honestly feel false positives are incredibly rare.


Those look positive to me! Congratulations! I hope this lil one brings you nothing but smiles!

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I see a line!  Are you testing again in the next day or so?

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I totally see it! Looks a lot like the first lines I got with this baby on the DT tests! Mine were only a tad darker but I was like 2 weeks past O! I only use DT tests and never saw evap lines like that on my negatives (and I had MANY!) at all. They were more like a slight shadow that you reeeeally had to squint to see.


Yay! Good luck and *fingers crossed* (I can't find that smilie!) Definitely test again but I do think congrats are in order!! orngbiggrin.gif



ETA pics- The third one was 3 days after the first 2.



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Oooh how exciting! I think those are BFPs!!! pos.gif!!!! Those don't look like evaps to me. I have used those dollar store tests & gotten plenty of evaps but they were thinner and not so pink. Those look like the real deal! Of course, test again in a few days to make sure.... CONGRATS!!! jumpers.gif

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Woot woot!!!!!

Took a CB digital this afternoon......PREGNANT!!!!!!!!
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A HUGE congratulations to you!!!!!!  Happy and healthy 9 months to you and your little one!

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Yay!!!  Congrats!!!!!!  joy.gif

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banana.gif CONGRATS!!!!! 

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i have never gotten evap lines from those! i do believe that is a BFP you have there! CONGRATS!


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Yay for more rainbows!! rainbow1284.gifjoy.gif

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