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Bum Cheeks diapers

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Has anyone used these diapers? I only found one review online and they are on BabyHalfOff today. Any experience with them?
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This is kind of late, however I do use Bum Cheeks.  They are the best diapers I have. (fuzzibunz, blueberry, rocky mountain)  They are a bit expensive if you don't get them through something like babysteals.com so I have only a few but they are great.  No leaks, thinner than the other brands, great fit and adorable!  (check out the one with the Very Hungry Caterpillar on it!



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Thanks! I did end up "stealing" one that day from the sale. I like it and wish I had grabbed more. Oh well, I'll just wait for another sale.
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FYI Ladies - they are on www.babysteals.com for $14.99 today!  So if you want to get some more, here's your chance!

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i ordered one and I really like it a lot.  The material feels really good.  However, I've only used it once and I CAN NOT get the pooh smell out.  I've washed the load like six times, hot water, extra rinses, detergent, no detergent.  Any suggestions?  It's so gross. 

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