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Where is your babe positioned mainly?

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Ours seems to want to camp out on my left side most of the time.. During the night he/she slides back into a normal place but it's a little weird having all baby on one side! A photo.. lol..272680_106865159410765_100002618441475_42654_7787079_o.jpg

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Wow, that's so neat you can SEE what side he/she's hanging out on! lol


While at an ultrasound on Monday, our baby was centered and low with her head down and laying on her left side. I barely feel kicks these days because I think her feet are kind of free-floating in the center of my belly, lol. I'll occasionally feel some kicks on my right side but mostly I just feel her either headbutting or punching me at the lowest part of my belly and pubic area. I hope she moves somewhere else soon! I loved early on when I first started feeling movement and she was on one side of my belly one day and then another side the next. smile.gif

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My baby has been most breech and transverse with nearly all the kicks on the right. She is doing Olympic somersaults though, so her position often changes.
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I love that picture! That is amazing how you can see the little one leaning to one side like that.....with mine I am just round! Lol and can't tell where he or she is. I have been feeling movement more on the right side however and higher up, like I am being kicked or punched in the ribs. My placenta is on the bottom so not sure if that effects baby's place in there!

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My babe seems to stay mostly transverse and low. I feel kicks on either side of my belly. It's very rare to feel anything in the middle or up higher.


My first used to sit to one side like that. Only when I was in public, though, never at home. I swear every time I left the house, my belly was all lop-sided like that, it was bizarre.

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My boy is head up, butt down. I like to say he's learning how to walk while in the womb. =) And I get kicked right in the belly button and right below the belly button.

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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

My baby has been most breech and transverse with nearly all the kicks on the right. She is doing Olympic somersaults though, so her position often changes.

Same here!

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headdown on every ultra sound... but she moves around quite abit.. the placenta is also very close to my cervixs.  so she's been very low.  I've been feeling kicks and punchs since about 14 weeks.  She's our lil' ninja in training.  she's now gotten pretty irate and jittery if my husband talks loud ( usually when he's on the phone) and I have to growl at him... since I"m usually stuck next to him getting my insides pummeled.

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Oh that reminds me! I need to start playing videos to my stomach, lol!

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My baby is low, low, low!  He's always kicking way down low (sometimes I tell him to please remove his foot from my cervix).  I think he's transverse but he really moves a lot, so who knows.  My midwife says he is probably so low because my pelvis is roomier being a second-time mom.  I don't mind it, I sort of hope he stays low and engages well at the end of pregnancy so labor starts and moves quickly.  It is kind of weird not to feel kicks up toward my bellybutton though- he has so much space he isn't utilizing!  Silly baby.  At least he's cozy :)

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I think I have the roomiest uterus ever.  This baby moves around constantly, and changes position multiple times a day.  She is transverse right now, but spent a lot of yesterday breech- which always make me sure a foot is going to pop out of my vagina at any second.  On Wednesday at the doc she was head down.  She is seriously EVERYwhere.


I have noticed that she hangs out on my right side most, whether head down or feet down.

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My babe is breech and mostly hangs out on my right side.

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Tooey likes to swim, though I think mostly head down as I feel most of the movement mid-belly left or right, and sometimes quite high. Any movement I feel down low is more subtle - feels like little fingers. But baby moves around, all over the place. 

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Right side. All of my babies have LOVED my right side. 

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I had my 31-week prenatal checkup today and apparently my baby is in the exact same position she's been in for weeks -- anterior and downward with her butt just a little to the right of my belly button. She's been downward for several months. She hasn't been traveling into different positions like I hear lots of babies do! My midwife said that my baby might engage early because I've been feeling her "burrowing" down lower and trying to optimally position herself apparently. I was hoping that meant she'd come a week or two early winky.gif hahaha. But alas, that's not how it works...... A girl can hope! love.gif

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It's been chiilin' out on my left side for as long as I can remember.  Your photo is pretty darn close to what I see every night! I think it's still head down but lately I've been feeling the hiccups down low AND up high.  And I'm pretty sure I'm growing an octopus because kicks and jabs happen everywhere. dizzy.gif  

Is anyone feeling that lovely strain against their bellybutton?  It hurts!


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wherever s/he is, I'm going to guess s/he's hanging out upside down.....with a foot almost permanently lodged way up in my ribs on the right side.  I'm about to hit 30 weeks and I definitely feel more of the "rolling" I felt towards the end of my first pregnancy.  I can't ever tell which body parts are hitting me, but this kiddo likes to stretch!

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Breech, facing the world, exactly the same as me. Spine to spine. So weird. I've never really had this before. He hasn't moved from that position at all until I saw a chiropractor last week. Then he played around a bit it took him some time to settle back into his favorite position which gives me hope. I'm going to keep seeing her. I think it will help.

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I've had 4 ultrasounds in 2 weeks (non stress test) and babe has been in a different position each time-- transverse, head down, transverse, breech.

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My boy has been head-down, waaaay low, for several weeks now. My midwife was shocked at how low he is. In fact, I have yet to feel a kick above my belly button. Mostly stretches and punches and jabs on my sides or right on my bladder and cervix.


I'm pretty sure he's sunny-side-up, so he's got a little bit of turning to do eventually, but I keep joking that it's like he's hanging out right next to the elevator door, impatiently waiting for it to open.

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