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New to Memphis and need to find a doula!

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My husband just got a job in Memphis so we will be moving from Chicago - huge change for us! I will be joining him mid-August. I am pregnant with our 2nd and due Oct. 22nd. I had a doula for our first and absolutely loved the experience (I think my husband loved it more than I did!). I had an OB and delivered in the hospital. Both were very accepting of my views and with having a doula present. I was positive for Group B Strep for my first pregnancy so I will need to have antibiotics during labor.


I have read quite a few threads and it sounds like hospitals in Memphis are very against doulas and midwives (my hospital in Chicago has a midwife group for those hesitant to deliver at home). Does anyone have referrals or suggestions in finding a doula? Also, does anyone know of hospitals that are open to having a doula present? 


The doula practice we used in Chicago has a service where someone can watch older children while the parents are in labor. Does anyone know how to find this service? I am really concerned because we won't know anyone in the area and will need someone to watch our 2 year old during labor. The closest family we have is 12 hours away. 


I appreciate any help/advise I can receive from other mothers.

thank you!




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Try the DONA website's Directory www.dona.org  or Doula Match  www.doulamatch.net.   I'm a doula in NC which is a little out of my travel zone or I would help you. Good luck and Congrats!

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Thank you so much! Once word got out that we were moving, family all of a sudden decided to visit. Though I love having family around, it was at a most inopportune time. I just now had the first opportunity to look up the sites you mentioned and have found very helpful information. Thanks again!




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Karen, please look me up..

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Hey Karen,
My name's Amy and I am Doula here in Memphis. If you haven't found one yet I'd love to get together and talk! You can email me acoontz@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Hi Karen.  I'd love to hear about your Memphis birth experience and if you ever found a doula.  We're expecting a little girl in November, and I think I'd feel much better about a hospital birth if we had a doula present!



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I'm a New Doula/Childbirth & Parenting Educator, I live in Jackson-1 hr away. I do births in Memphis! Here is my background: I'm a 38 yr old mom of 3- ages 5, 8, 18. I  have a B.A. in Psychology-Child/Adolescent Psych & Development w/ Early Childhood Education and Marriage & Family Counseling.  Worked for 8+ yrs as Developmental Behavior & Curriculum Specialist as well as the Staff Trainer/Preschool Teacher/Supervisor & Parenting Educator in Preschool Education.


 I've been a SAHM for the last several years raising my children and for the last 6 months I've been intensely studying and training for Pregnancy & Childbirth Education & Labor Doula Services.  (I have a recommendation from my CAPPA trainer.)   My website is www.DoulaGinnysBirthSvcs.com  and my email is DoulaGinnyMills@gmail.com  and my number is  731-499-7268.


Since I am New and starting out, I am offering my services at a very low cost right now.  I have that time block open on my calendar right now so I would love to hear from you.  Check out my website and see what you think!  :)


Ginny Mills

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