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Growing pains.....

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Hope I am posting this in the correct section.....


What are some things you do to relieve growing pains.  My son (7) has been having them for quite some time now.   Today being the worst "episode" where he was crying, wincing, limping and said he couldn't feel his toes??  To the point where I was about to take him to the urgent care.  I try not to give Tylenol, but he was in pain, so I gave him a dose and he's up and running and jumping (literally) again.   Haven't spoken to his pedi, but I'm pretty sure it's growing pains.   I don't remember getting them myself, but DH said he got them.  

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my dd2 gets these when she is reacting to dairy that snuck into her diet or she is low on magnesium...  even if it is a dairy exposure it is relieved by being diligent with daily magnesium supp.  she takes Natural Calm

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Epsom salt soaks.  Naturalcalm by mouth.  Tiger balm massages as needed.


Any chance fibromyalgia runs in your family?  I read somewhere that lots of adults with FM had growing pains in childhood.  It was true for me and so far is proving true for my 16yo ds.  :(

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My DS suffered from them from dairy as well (as in, there weren't any growing pains). Is there any swelling? There's juvenile arthritis as another possibility.

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