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Folate vs folic acid

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Any experts out there? I'm taking a whole foods prenatal that has folate.  I've been trying to do some research and some places say it's best to go whole foods where others say folic acid is easiest for body to use even though it can only be made synthetically?  I called the company (which I assume have a bias answer) and they say whole foods folate is the best for the body and folic acid is supplemented to tons of foods (not verbatum, just quick summary of what he said).


Anyways, anyone researched this that has come up with clear answers? 



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I'm not an expert but what I've read is that folate is the best because that is the actual real nutrient.  Folic acid is a synthesised (sp?) version that some people cannot convert into folate.  And everything I've read seems to indicate that whole foods based supplements are superior to standard ones, though some people will argue that any kind of prenatal vitamin is probably just peed out.


I am B-12 anemic so I take a supplement with methyl. and folic acid, while my prenatal (New Chapter Perfect Prenatal) has folate so I figure both bases are covered.  I definitely feel a difference physically and emotionally when I miss my supplements so I must be getting something out of them.



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Thanks, that answer makes me happy, so I'm going with that :) 

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