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Lily Bottoms

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Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you my advice about lily bottoms.

I had gotten a new diaper from Elizabeth last summer and it got all bunched up in the soaker. I just put it in the back of the closet and only used it if I HAD to. So I showed Jenn (JennInSeattle) and she told me I should tell Elizabeth and that she most likely would fix the problem. I told her I had had it for months- even though I never use it- it had still been months. Jenn said to contact her anyway.

So I did and she said she had had another one that did that back in the summer and to send it to her and she would make me a new one- and she also made me a larger size because my girl had gotten bigger. it was fast and very easy and I would give her customer service a huge

Here is her link http://store.lilybottoms.com/products/

And her is a photo of Rainey in the dipe
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I just wanted to add that Elizabeth's customer service is amazing. I've ordered from only two wahms, but she was by far the most generous with helping to get a diaper with a good fit.

I have her aio with 3 soakers and they hold in my heavy wetter's pee. The shell is beautiful and always the first one I reach for.
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