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Well I had another Dr. visit, but before she did the u/s I was too nervous to ask her anything, just wanted to see that the baby was there. She mentioned my previous hcg level was 8000. So that was 146 at 12 dpo, and 8000 at just shy of 5 weeks. At first nothing showed on the u/s and I started coaching myself for the worst, but then we saw a blurry little peanut. Heart was beating at 111 bpm. crl was .52 cm. She said I was 6 weeks 2 days, but I should be maybe one day shy of 7 weeks. I felt very protective of those 4 days, as each day is about a year for me now, and a little worried the baby was small when I know I can't be quite that early. But other things I read show .52 cm (5 mm) as just right for almost 7 weeks, so I think the Dr. may be wrong. She made another appointment for 10 days away which also worried me (as everything does) but she just said since it would be at 8 weeks, and a good time to see how development is going or something. The nurse said she is out of town right after that so maybe that is also why it is so soon...


Anyway, I was so relieved the baby was there and transfixed by the blurry blink-blink on the screen that I forgot to ask about why no one ever called me back, or how she feels about water birth, or any of the other things I had planned. I just let them usher me out with my picture in hand and a dopey smile on my face.


On a less happy note, I was also told I have "a really high deductible" and need to apply for medicaid, which I don't qualify for. So I can't wait until the bills start coming in!

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They can be off in their EDD, especially since not all women have a typical, 28 day cycle. My bean is measuring 8w3d, and that would put my EDD at 3/7/12. Her estimate is 3/11/12, even though I know for sure when I ovulated because I was charting BBT and used an OPK. Based off of the ovulation time, it should be 3/09/12. Dates can be off for a number of reasons. The egg may have implanted on the later side, the ovulation surge was on the long side, etc. I know it is a little disconcerting, but it is good to see that little heart beating! Unless you need to schedule a necessary c-section down the road, a few days won't make too much difference. Good luck, mama!
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DDCC here - just had to say that yes I have been in this situation! Almost exactly! I couldn't get the nurse to give me test results and the doctor never called me back. So, I switched to a midwife and have never looked back. I have the midwife does my annuals and she is so much more nurturing and attentive. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this doctor. Would it be possible for you to switch? 

this.  Switch and you'll thank yourself.  find *anybody* else.  but midwives will screen you for anything important, and listen at the same time


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