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What week did your Morning Sickness start?

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I'm 5 weeks, with no morning sickness yet.  Actually, I have few symptoms other than slightly sore breasts and some water retention.

I'm a teeny bit worried... I want to FEEL pregnant so I know everything is ok. :D  But I this way with #1 too.  MS didn't start until... week 9 or so.

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I'm the same way.  This is my second.  I remember having a phase where I felt fine, so I imagine it will start for me week 6 or so? 

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All three times, I start to feel nauseous within days of implantation. I have known all three times before missing my period. The vomiting kicks in around five weeks, though.
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I've had it a week to a week and a half already. I'll be 7 weeks on Tuesday. It's the nasty kind with gagging even when you haven't eaten yet. Bleah. However I **TRY** to look at it as a positive sign that things are going well in there. Usually I'm sick for a large chunk of the pregnancy so I'll be pleasantly surprised if it calms down sometime in the next 4 months.

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I had some nausea really early on this time, but it's getting worse every day now...and started getting bad about a week ago, about 5.5 weeks. 


I didn't have nausea like this every day with DS, so I have no idea how to cope with nagging nausea EVERY day.  It's awful!  It's definitely making me sure this is my last pregnancy!


How do you cope, other than whining? (That helps a little, lol.)

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I didn't have any nausea at all with my first, but with my second it started just before I got a positive test.  This time, I felt it right after implantation (6dpo).  It's intermittent nausea with bouts more intense than others.  With my second pregnancy, it didn't really get worse, just sort of stayed the same random nausea throughout the day for about 20 weeks.  Lots of specific food aversions really started around week 10 or so.  I'm interested to see if that starts this time.  Right now I'm pretty averse to any meat... 

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Like cameragirl, my nausea started really early this time -- I was gagging around 8 DPO.  My pattern from last time is nausea from the beginning, vomiting starting at 6 weeks, severe vomiting starting at 9 weeks.  So far this pregnancy is following the same pattern. 

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For me, very mild occasional nausea started at about 4.5 weeks.  The nausea got much worse around 5.5 weeks.  I'm 7.5 weeks now and I still haven't actually vomited. 

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With DD I thought I had an ulcer, we pretty much know the conception date because my husband was out of town all month (um except that day of course!) it was the 20th of June, then in the beginning of July I started feeling sick and was convinced I had an ulcer so I did a 7 day fast (the end I was freaking out, my body was pissed), then I got a positive maybe July 18th? Sore boobs were the give away.


This time I had a cyst on my ovary that was soooo painful, they found it June 13, so I thought all the nausea was me having massive cysts everywhere (oh and being stressed about moving my family from Barcelona to Ohio -- still in progress). I was SO happy it wasn't a major health problem and actually a baby, got the positive July 19 (it all looks exactly the same as the last pregnancy, I am curious if I will have the same due date as with DD). I should be 8 weeks but the u/s looks more like 6 weeks (exactly the same spiel as with DD)... Anyhow, I feel nauseous in the morning, last time I was a 6pm puker starting at week 7-8 for about a month (looked back at my posts on these forums from last pregnancy, it was cool to do actually).

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mine always starts around 7 wks

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Normally I'd say 6w, but this time, it started immediately... 

Buuuuuuut, this one has been kind of brutal from the start all the way around.

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Im 6 wks 4 days and just started really feeling sick all day today. So far smells have set me off or I actually eat something and its not appealing at all but today, all day, no matter what it was my tummy has been rejecting it. Had very little morning sickness with DS so this is a new venture for me. Hoping its just a small phase as I really hate puking and work in a more professional setting so broke eye blood vessles and tear stained face does not work. Today with small intervals of things like plain bagels I was able to get some food down me.

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I was feeling queasy off and on a couple of days before my period was due, but it wasn't until yesterday (I'm 5 weeks today) that I was really feeling queasy.  I had to sit down and breathe slowly a few times because I thought I might throw up, but I didn't.  I'm not usually too much of a puker -- I've only thrown up in two of my pregnancies, but the one I threw up the most in, I didn't have as much queasiness.  

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Well... last night I woke up suddenly in the night feeling queasy.  That was... new.   Today I had two bouts of nausea/heartburn/indigestion/feel-like-i-need-to-belch sessions.... both an hour or so after eating.   THAT is not new.  That is how I felt with #1.   It's not been constant yet though... I'm only 5w3d tho and last time I got by with 9-12... ugh, I'm hoping it at least doesn't kick in full force for a few more weeks.  I'm going to put saltines and lemons on my shopping list tomorrow though!

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A few days before AF was due and now at 5 weeks, it's kicking in. I am constantly nauseous.

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I'm 4 weeks & feeling nauseous here & there already. I don't remember when with my other 2. Just that it was worse with my second.

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Maybe around 5.5 wks? that means I've been nauseous for a month... yay!  I think it will be heading out soon though.  I had a few easy days last week.  I think I'm mostly feeling sick this week because I cannot keep up with the calories the baby needs.  I can't seem to fill up and nothing sounds edible anyhow.  If I do manage to eat enough, I feel much better.  I'm staring at my almost empty grocery list and can't think of anything I want to put on it but I'm STARVING... such an annoying phase!

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I started a few days before my period. Now at 5 weeks 4 days, it's getting stronger but I  have been downing raw goat milk today and have not felt any today unless I am hungry. I did get mild headaches today though.

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