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No underwear!!!

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My 3 yr old ds hates to wear underwear. This was not that big of a deal during the winter but now that it is getting to be summer and he wants to wear shorts, and his little wiener pops out all the time. You can imagine the looks I get at the library. Any suggestions on how I might talk him into it?

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I have a finicky dresser, too. My dd won't wear most clothes with buttons or snaps unless she picks them out. She's also very choosey about her underwear, but there's no rhyme or reason as to which ones she'll wear. She prefers the ones she picked out, or the ones with bows in the front. :

Maybe if you take him to the store and let him pick out ones that he likes. Or buy a bunch of plain white ones and have a tie dye or batik session and he can design his own underwear.

Or maybe he'd prefer boxers. Perhaps he finds underwear too tight?
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well, you could just let him wear swim trunks all the time. they have a built in "pouch" to keep things under wraps.
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Or how about a loin cloth!


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That's so funny A!!! I think he would like that way too much. I have done the whole picking out special under wear thing when he was potty training, but I like the idea of decorating underwear and the swimming trunks. I have looked around for baby boxers and have not found any! Any one know where to get them? I talked to him last night about privacy and he is trying the the tighty whities to today. we'll see how it goes......I think that he didn't like wearing them before because they were like diaper and would pee himself all the time....but I think that we are passed that he asks to take off his night time daiper to use the potty in the morning. I think the whole thing is fine and even kind of funny but I don't want him to suffer comments of thoughtless people.
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I have found size 5 boxers at different places. But my ds is big -- and could wear them at age 3.

He once informed me (around that age) that whether or not to wear underwear should be "My own choice, Mom!"
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ecobaby had kddie boxers. tho I don't know how small they go.
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believe it or not, JCPenney has little boxers, size four& up, I think. I know that's not very crunchy, just thought I'd throw it out there...
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My ds who is almost 6 yo is the same way. He hates wearing undies! He only wears boxers at night to bed and then we made a deal. He wears undies during the week and then on the weekend, he gets to choose if he wants to go comando or not. That lasted for months~now he pretty much wears undies on the weekend too.


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