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Video Of My Perfect Home Water Birth!

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This Is the Planned Home Water Birth of Our 3rd Child. We didn't Know the Gender Ahead of Time, So we Nicknamed the Baby Sticky. This Is Our First Homebirth and I wish I had done it this way Every time. I Don't know how Anyone can cope through Contractions strapped to a bed with Monitors on your belly, Sitting or laying on your back. In fact I didn't cope the previous 2 times, but resorted to Drugs both times and even an Epidural with My 2nd. Being able to move through the contractions, to lean on the arm of the couch, the kitchen counter or my bed, and have my husband apply counter pressure to my Lower Back and belly Took SO MUCH of the pain away! In Fact I was in denial right up til I was pushing, thinking labor would stop or stall that day because the pain was quite manageable, and because my contractions were not consistently spaced. They Started around 4 or 5pm the previous Night, 15 minutes apart for a few hours, then 10 minutes, then we went to bed around 12 or 1 am, frustrated and desperately wanting labor to happen! The contractions Woke me at 5 am, and I putted around the house, making tea, cleaning, getting things laid out 'just in case'. The Contractions were 10, 4, 7, 9, 5, 13, 3, 8, 2, minutes apart for hours. Never really a consistent pattern, and the gap would be wider when I was resting or sitting. My Midwife Checked Me around 12:30pm and I was 3-4cm Dilated but stretchy to a 5. When They finally did get about 5-2 minutes apart My Husband encouraged me to get into the labor Pool, as it might be just the ticket to finish things up. That was at 2:44pm...

This was the most amazing Birth and Went Exactly According to Plan. Being Comfortable in our own Home, Safe In the Midwife's Hands, Trusting My Body and the Wisdom I had Gain Concerning Childbirth was So Special and I will Treasure this Experience forever. Hospitals are great when Necessary, But Babies can and Should be Born at home into Experienced and Knowledgeable Hands. There is Nothing Like it!


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Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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Love your video!  Thank you for posting it here.

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So, so beautiful, mama!  What an amazing job you did.  Thanks so much for sharing.  It was so nice to see what happens at homebirth before, during, and after birth.  I'm another mama planning a homebirth after previous hospital delivery.

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