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QuirkyBaby Baby Slings & Baby Carriers: stop in for the latest news and deals! Always free US...

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QuirkyBaby is owned and operated by a long-time MDC mama who is dedicated to bringing you fun and functional baby slings and baby carriers and helping you choose which sling or carrier is right for your particular needs.


I stock the best brands of buckle carriers/soft structured carriers, mei tais, wraps, and ring slings including:


  • Buckle carriers for newborns through toddlers: Beco Butterflly and Beco Gemini, ErgoBaby Carrier, Pikkolo by CatBird Baby, BabyHawk Oh Snap!, Boba 3G Classic, Scootababy
  • Mei tais: Kozy Carrier, BabyHawk, and CatBird Baby BE
  • Wraps: Moby Wrap and Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch
  • Ring slings: Maya Wrap and Sakura Bloom
  • Accessories: BabyLegs, Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hats, toy doll carriers from Beco, Ergo, Angelpack, and Hotslings


Why shop at QuirkyBaby?


  • Always free and fast US shipping
  • QB Bucks loyalty rewards points for purchases, reviews, and referrals
  • QB Quiz free personal babywearing consultation via email
  • Try Before You Buy sling and carrier rental program
  • Free gifts on orders of $75+ (BabyLegs, cloth carrying bag, and/or Rearview Mirror)
  • A 60-day return/exchange policy
  • Free gift wrap, registry, and wish list services as well as gift certificates



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I’ve just added customer returns and discontinued items to the QuirkyBaby Outlet Section.  Get great deals on brand-new or like-new baby slings and baby carriers. All items are first quality and ship for free in the U.S.! Shop now for the best selection from Ergo Baby Carrier, Beco Butterfly, Beco Gemini, Scootababy, Boba, BabyHawk Oh Snap, BabyHawk mei tais, Kozy Carrier mei tais, Hotslings AP, Maya Wrap, Sakura Bloom, Moby Wrap, and accessories.


Please shop carefully as all items are final sale with no returns or exchanges. Because of the great discounts I’m offering, items may ship without the box and do not qualify for QB Bucks rewards points or count towards order totals for free gifts.

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New Pikkolo 3.0 and new styles of Babyhawk mei tais and Oh Snap! buckle carriers are restocked and ready to ship! More Beco Geminis and lots of Beco Butterflys in stock, too. :)

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I've got a stash of children's books featuring babywearing or mama animals carrying their little ones to give away, so I thought I'd make it fun! Pay it forward by helping other parents learn from your experience by leaving reviews of the baby slings, baby carriers, and babywearing accessories at QuirkyBaby, and be entered to win a babywearing-related book.

Here's how to enter to win!

1) Register for an account at QuirkyBaby.

2) Log in and leave reviews of products (all approved reviews earn 25 QB Bucks rewards points!) It's OK if you didn't buy your sling or carrier from me -- your thoughtful review will help other babywearers figure out their options!

3) Please write several sentences about what you loved (or didn't), what you used it for, what age is was good for -- i.e. the kind of advice that you'd share with a friend who asked for help.

4) Please no duplicates -- i.e. one review per product per reviewer.

5) Winners will be drawn randomly from all reviews entered. For every 25 new reviews submitted, I will draw another winner!

6) Books will ship for free but have no cash value.

Drawings will continue until I run out of books to give away! (But fear not, I've got some other great giveaways in the pipeline....)

See my blog for a slideshow of the five different books I have right now!


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An authorized sale on Beco Butterflys and Beco Geminis?!? Yes, it's true!

All regular Beco Butterflys are on sale for $125 and all Beco Geminis are on sale for $105 -- with free US shipping at QuirkyBaby!

Oh, and you can still get your free pair of BabyLegs, free Rearview Mirror, or (NEW!) free baby carrier carrying bag, too. :)

Sale price doesn't apply to Limited Edition Duke and Ever. No coupons necessary!

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Black Friday Sales and Deals are starting on -- well, on Black Friday, and running through Cyber Monday! Get great deals on fabulous baby carriers, such as:




  • 20% off most other baby sling and baby carrier brands, including BabyHawk, Maya Wrap, Wrapsody, CatBird Baby & Pikkolo, Kozy, and Scootababy.


All with free US shipping!

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First bump in a long time! Check out QuirkyBaby's new Try Before You Buy carrier rental program -- try up to four baby slings or baby carriers for two weeks in the comfort of your own home!

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