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Shocked to be here!

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Hi, I'm elaina, stay at home mom to 4 kids ages 8,6,5, and 2. I had a tubal ligation back in June of 2009 after y last child was born. Here I am 2 1/2 years later and just confimed I am pregnant. We are in shock! I had an ultrasound done but am too early for them to see anything. There is a risk of ectopic pregnancy, but so far so good. I'm due somewhere around March 23rd.

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Welcome! I can only imagine your shock!

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Holy smokes!  Wow, if anyone was destined, that would be who's with you!  I hope it all turns out perfectly.  Good luck!

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Thanks for the welcome and well wishes!

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Welcome, Elaina!

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How late were you when you noticed something was up? and did you have ANY bleeding, even minor before you found out? 

I'm 6 wks late. I had my TL done in 03. Ugh. This has happened twice now (but this is the longest time without a mense) and I'm getting SO frustrated with my body.


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