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Flying while pregnant with twins

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Hello everyone!


I am 22 weeks pregnant with twins. Me and my husband are from different nationalities. I flyed to my country to visit my family when I was 16 weeks pregnant and now I suppose to fly back. The doctors wont recommend it. They say that it is a big threath to go into labor in the airplane due to difference of air pressure in the cabin and if that will happen no medicine nowadays cant save my babies. My flight will be 11 hours. So far I have had trouble free pregnancy. I love my husband very much and I would like to be with him when the babies will be born. For him to come to my country is very difficult due to visa problems. Please ladies, I need your thoughts and advices..what would you do? Would you fly or not?

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I had never heard that before about the difference in cabin pressure.  The cabin is really supposed to be pressurized so there is little difference between atmospheric pressure at ground level and cabin pressure in the plane.  Also, the difference is not going to suck the babies out through your cervix, nor will it make your uterus contract.  Sitting for the duration of an international flight might be uncomfortable, but I think that is probably the worst of it.  I flew 34 weeks pregnant with a singleton with no problems or difficulties that I wasn't also having on the ground.  I recommend an aisle seat and a potty break every two hours or less.  


I am usually loathe to contradict medical advice to pregnant women.  Maybe your doctors are concerned about something that is unique and specific to you, and flying could be really dangerous to you in particular.  If that's the case, they are doing a poor job of explaining it.  Have you gone to a lot of medical visits on your 6 week family visit?  Or are these doctors also family members who might be hoping to persuade you to say until the birth?

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I'd see if you can find a second opinion. I've never heard about this either, and I fly quite a lot both domestically and internationally even when pregnant.


However, I would recommend that you prepare adequately for the flight by contacting the airline and by taking out travel insurance to make sure that should something happen you are covered no matter where you are. I would also suggest that you get thrombosis stockings and wear them for the entire trip to avoid blood clots in your legs even if you get up regularly.


Good luck.

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Congrats on your twins, how exciting! I haven't had my first baby yet, so I don't have much advice. I just wanted to say welcome to MDC and that you might get more responses if you post in the Parenting section. This section a Due Date Club for those of us having our babies in August, so while you're super welcome to "hang out" here, you'll get a lot more mamas looking at your question over there. 


Good luck on your flight and congrats again on your twins! 

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Thank you for all your advices and answers!! I am very grateful for any advice you can give me! The doctors are not my family members. They are from public hospital where I have done all my appointments during six weeks of my family visit. They said that my blood tests are fine, blood pressure is ok. I am in a good health. Maybe only gained a weight more than I suppose to. They looked at the babies with ultrasound and saying that they are big and beautiful. Everything seemed to be ok with them and with me. But about flying they (one doctor and a midwife) said no, because of the threath of trombosis and due to difference of the pressure the sack with amniotic fluid can break and if that happens, noone cant do anything. It is not nothing unique about me. Maybe only the fact that I have been wanting to become a mama whole my life, but I could not get pregnant for a long time...

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So is this specifically because it is a twin pregnancy? Because I know that normal pregnancies are "allowed" to fly until the 8th month. And actually, as far as I know you don't need a doctor's permission to fly until then, so you could just decide whether or not you want to risk it and go against medical advice. You could also ask them about waiting a bit later in your pregnancy to fly, say 30 weeks, because then the babies would stand a very good chance of surviving if the water did break prematurely.

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Yes, this is specifically because of twin pregnancy. Doctors say that with twins the risk is twice as big. They said before 20 weeks would of been ok, but after that not reccommendable :(

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Hmm. Do you know what the absolute risk is? The risk may be twice as high, but if it is 1 in 1000 then "twice as high" would make it only 2 in 1000 and not very risky at all.


Also, would it be possible for your husband to "visit" you without a visa around the time you give birth? I know that where I live and in most EU countries, for example, you can visit for up to 3 months without a visa if you are from a long list of countries. I have no idea of your nationalities though so maybe that wouldn't be an option. You could check though.

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Everything I've ever read about flying while pregnant actually recommends that any long distance flights be taken during the second trimester, as you are actually at lower risk of preterm labor during the second trimester, and you generally feel more comfortable.


Personally Kessu, I would get a second opinion from another doctor not associated with the doctor you have already seen. Even with the doubled risk for complications due to a twin pregnancy there is still not a huge risk of something going wrong during a single flight.


My DH's cousin was a flight attendant and still flying for work while pregnant with twins. She only stopped working flights when she got too big to be comfortable walking up and down the aisles. She is also the kind of person that would have grounded herself immediately if she thought there was even the smallest risk to her babies (who are now very healthy 3 year olds.)


Being so far away from your DH would certainly not be fun for either of you. Perhaps you can contact your care provider from the USA and ask them if they recommend you flying back right now.

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IMO, where you are and where you are going should probably also play a role in your decision.  If you are currently in the EU considering flying back to the US, health care systems are good and if you can afford to say put it might be a decent idea, especially if you could get your dh into the country for the birth.  If you're in Eastern Europe considering flying back to the US, the risks of the plane trip are probably less than the risks of preterm delivery of twins where you are (and a lot of twins are preterm, even when you leave out the risks of air travel).  


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