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Found the heartbeat!

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I found it today! It was VERY far forward. I had it just above my pubic bone and angled so far forward part of the doppler (angelsounds) was off my body by an inch or 2. I didn't time it but I could tell it was good and fast. I only listened long enough to confirm, show tyler, enjoy it for a second and then I shut it off. So happy my bean is trucking along.

Last night I tried but couldn't find it yet, and all night I dreamt of miscarriage. Which is silly because logically I know it's early to be hearing it. I guess subconciously we're always terrified. My last bean's heart stopped at 8w4d.

Probably tomorrow I'll try again with speakers so I can take a video to post. And my ultrasound pics are in (from 6w3d) so I'll be able to share those tomorrow too. :)

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How exciting!

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So happy for you, mama! What wonderful news!

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Awesome! Where was the probe positioned when it picked up the heartbeat?
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It was just above the pubic bone, angled downwards (towards my toes) very sharply, such that the bottom of the doppler (pear shaped machine) was lifted away from my body quite a bit. My uterus sits very far forward, I can feel it already when I press on my abdomen. So the baby is very close to the surface of my skin.


I found it early with my last pg too, my abdomen was in a similar position. But the baby wasn't sitting quite so far forward. I think it implanted in a different spot than last time.

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I totally missed that! Sorry. I'm rocking a migraine and probably should just get some sleep. I got mine, but it's probably too soon to find anything, especially with a little pudge.

BTW - I know that my uterus was sitting towards the back before the pregnancy with DD. I had a c-section and they lift your uterus out of your body (freaky and not really necessary...anyways) so I have no clue how it is sitting now.
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