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bedroom theme or idea for 6year old boy.....

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he really wants Goofy, PLuto and Mickey.....it's not my choice but it IS his room and up until now I've pretty much decided on the decorating, etc. What do other 6year old boys have for their comforters, sheets, curtains etc??

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I don't have a six year old boy, but am thinking about decorating boys rooms since we will be moving soon. :)


What if you did the paint, bedding, curtains, etc in basic colors (red, blue, yellow, etc) and added small accessories that matched his dream theme such as pillows, lampshade, garbage can etc? Then when he wants rocket ships in six months you are not re-doing the whole room.

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Ds's room doesn't have a theme (he's about to turn 4) everything is pretty chill/neutral.  His walls are grey (its actually really nice) and his sheets are whatever is clean.  We did get a duvet cover this year when he needed a new comforter, but we bought the cheapest one we could find, so its green circles on a white/off white background.  But duvet covers are nice because they are usually cheaper than nice comforters (and easier to wash) and you could change that as his tastes change.


We hung a wire around the top of the wall (about a foot from the ceiling, the ceiling is about 9 feet so very much out of reach) and we use clips to hang up alphabet cards around the walls.  It looks super cool (not my house but an example) and then when ds wants something different we just unclip the cards and clip up something else, very versatile. 


We have some fish wall decals that my il's bought him for his birthday last year, which we put only on the bookshelf and dresser (I was nervous they would peel off the wall paint, but now I think it would be fine).  Wall decals are nice because they are cheap and easily changeable.  And ds was able to hang them up himself and feel very in charge of decorating his room. 

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My 6 yo DS's bedroom has a starry ceiling (painted dark blue with little yellow dots--done at his request 2 years ago) and a space ceiling fan.  Most of the framed pictures on the wall are family photos, which I put up when we moved in 4 years ago, half of which are baby pics of DS.  There is one large framed poster of the planets in our solar system.  The wall calendar is from NASA.  The curtains I sewed have astrological signs/stylized suns and moons (I'd had the fabric since I was a teenager).  We tacked up some pretty galaxy/nebula pictures from old NASA calendars; there's also some birds and covered bridges (again, from old calendars) I put up when we moved in. 


Three years ago we added stylized street racing cars wall decals.  A few months ago DS taped up some schematics printouts of the USS Enterprise (from Star Trek) that DH found online, as well as some Star Trek drawings he made.  The bedding is whatever's clean and I feel like putting on the bed (not themed).  The area rug doesn't match anything, but it's colorful and gives DS a slightly softer landing when he jumps off the bed.


We're very eclectic and casual, so it doesn't bother any of us that his room isn't themed or coordinated (the only thing we removed at his request was the dreamcatcher that creeped him out for some reason).  For your DS's room, I'd agree w/ a PP to just stick with several solid colors and just add touches (easily changeable) of the Mickey Mouse stuff.  Disney has an insane amount of merchandise available, so it should be fairly easy to find those.

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When my son was 6 I think he had a beach theme with cars and hot wheels thrown in.  (That was almost 5 years ago so its hard to remember).  If you can paint I would go with what the PP said and just get the sheets/accessories so when DS changes his mind its not a total overhaul again.

FWIW my son changes his room about 1x a year.  We've had NASA/space, toy story, cowboys, plain cars,  (right now its cowboys-not the football team but cowboys, sheriff, etc- and he is 10 but he has tons of Paris stuff up too)

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When he was 6, DS had a jungle themed room. The bed linens had a traditional geometric design in dark blues, greens and some golds. The paint matched one of the colours from the linens. The rest was done with a few stuffed animals (a huge snake, monkey, etc.), and some wall appliques.  


There are lots of removable wall decals now that make it easier to decorate without committing to something too permanent. 



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I was thinking of decorating DS's room when DS2 moves in to the room with him.  I was thinking an easy way to decorate was to use wall stickers like these:httphttp://mywonderfulwalls.com/wall-stickers.html#.  They come in all sorts of themes (transportation, jungle, farm, garden, etc.), but I have a feeling the cars/trains/trucks will be the winner for both my boys and it will be easy to change once they ougtrow it.

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My boys' room is a forest animal theme. The bedding has squirrels, raccoons, owls, foxes, bears, etc and the sheets have pine trees, acorns, and animal paw prints. We have stuffed animals that decorate the beds when they are made that are the same type as on the bedding. Over each bed is a raw wood plaque with bark edges that I painted their names on. The walls have framed pictures of the same woodland animals, with baby animals on one side of the room and the adult version on the other side. This was the easiest part because I just did google image searches for "baby skunk" "owl" etc, printed out the pictures and then bought $2 wooden frames at Wal-Mart. They look really cute.


The bedding I also chose to buy because it is reversible so if any of my boys decides they don't like it or outgrow it, they can flip it and it will still match the room.


I like the pp idea about doing a color scheme and adding accessories. It would be super easy to find a red or blue bedding set, toss a stuffed mickey and goofy on the bed, and frame some pictures of the characters on the wall. You could probably find a Disney calendar and frame the pictures out of that! Then he could have his Disney room, but nothing is set in stone thumb.gif

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My littlest guy just turned six and will shortly be moving out of his brother's bedroom and into his own room. He's super excited! He wants painted walls (blue and green) with colorful dots (these great decals we got on the clearance rack at Target) as his design. He really loves color, and I think he'll end up with a very colorful room!

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DS is a little younger but we've just redecorated his room.


We've kept the walls and so on pretty plain (pale blue) and will change the feel over the next couple of years with bedding and pictures on the wall. Right now his bedding is dark blue with a rocket and aliens, and he has a star wall light.


He has a magnetic notice board where he can display his own art work and we have a large frame filled with a combination of his art work and some photos. We will probably update that soon as most of it has been in there four a couple of years.


We are also intending a couple of framed pictures of his current favourite characters. Again they will be easy to change as his tastes change.

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