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Withdrawal on my fertile day - what are my chances of getting pregnant?

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My BF and I got really intimate yesterday July 25. I don't normally have a regular menstrual cycle, but I just rely on the signs of ovulation such as changes on cervical mucus and body temperature, (which are not really that reliable, ik) to detect my fertile period. We've been really sexually active for 4 years just with the use of the w/d and we've been successful in preventing pregnancy. Yesterday, i believe was my fertile period because, I observed my mucus to be clear and raw egg white like. We did it twice with a six hour interval using the w/d method. In between the interval, he urinated thrice. He was confident that he didn't cum not even a small amount of semen in me. However, I am pretty worried about the pre-cum. Is urinating three times probably flushed out all the retained sperm in his urethra?


Help. I am not yet ready to get preggo..



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For 5 to 7 days after sex, you can have a Copper T 380 A IUD (Paragard) put in. Emergency postcoital insertion of the Copper T 380 A IUD (ParaGard) is the most effective currently available postcoital contraceptive. It's also an excellent (non.hormonal) form of long term birth control.

Insertion of a copper-T IUD as emergency contraception is more than 99%+ effective, making it more effective than emergency contraceptive pills (ECP or 'morning-after pill').


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thanks for the reply.. but I don't think we have that in our country..

I am wondering whether is it possible for him to have flushed out all the retained sperm after urinating three times..

cause we had sex twice during my fertile period with six hour interval.. within that 6 hours he urinated three times.. Its been 48 hours post ovulation.. He's pretty sure he has withdrawn on the right timing, meaning he didn't cum too early, so no possibility of getting his semen in me..


I am only concerned abou the pre-cum..


Anymore advice?



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The rule with withdrawal as a means of contraception is that you have to wait 12 hours after ejaculation--or use other protection. It's very effective otherwise, but this is one of the ways it can fail. So yes, it's possible that you could have conceived--probably unlikely, but not impossible.
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Thank you xanadumama!! will let you know in a couple of days after I take HPT the result. We've been using the withdrawal method for almost four years now, it has never failed us. Even on my fertile day when we are intimate, I never became pregnant. BUt this is the first time, we had sex two times in a fertile period. So, Im pretty worried. I read in a couple of articles that urinating can flushed out retained sperms. HOwever, it wasn't stated how many times you should urinate to totally flushed out every single sperm in there.


Well, I don't want a surprise baby, that's why im soo worried.

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Does any onE of you experienced some slight cramping (feels heavy) on the uterus even before you got tested positive for pregnancy? I'm freaking out.. I know it can also indicate that my period is coming but can it also mean early pregnancy? I seriously need help guys..
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There are all sorts of symptoms that might be signs of early pregnancy...or not. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to analyze every twinge, and none of us can help you with a sure answer until you can test! That's the only way to know for sure. If it happened on July 25, it's almost impossible that you would be having symptoms already; usually (though not always) symptoms don't start until implantation around 7-8 days after ovulation, when the egg implants and triggers the release of various hormones. You won't get a positive test before then, usually.


Hang in there--try to be patient.

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Thanks.. I'm going crazy thinking about all these.. I'm stressing out too much.. Thanks for the advice.. I think I got the info incorrect. We had intercourse last July 24.. Since yesterday I've been feeling these menstrual like cramps..I'll try to divert and not think about this for a while.. Will take pregnancy test on the 7th day.. Will share you the results..
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Hi today is my 10th day after my last sexual activity.. I took pregnancy test and it turned out negative.. Is it too early to tell? I'm gonna take another test on Sunday which is my 14th day... I'm feeling a lit of weird things goin on inside me.. I'm nauseus, breast tender, moderate menstrual cramps.. Got really paranoid today so I took the preg test.. Is it too early? Is it possible to get a false negative on the 10th day?
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Hi Nadine,

It still can be too early to get a positive result 10 days after you ovulate.  Is your period due soon?  I know it's hard to wait, but if you can usually you can get a positive result at 14 days after ovulation (some women get earlier results but it depends on implantation.)


It is possible that the nausea and breast tenderness is due to a regular hormone shift and not pregnancy.  Hope this helps.


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Thanks Raven star!


Im going to take another pregnancy test on Sunday which is my 14th day, to confirm if I'm pregnant or not. Will let you know the results.. thanks again :)

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Good luck, Nadine!

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If today is day 14 since you DTD, then I hope that either AF arrived or you still got a BFN, if that's what you're hoping for.


Actually, charting with temps and CM is very effective as birth control, but it's advisable to use something when you are fertile, if you really don't want to get pregnant. Personally, I'd never trust BF to withdraw, but I know a lot of people have used that method. If you really aren't okay with a BFP right now, I"d use something a little more "protective". We use non-latex (Durex Skyn brand, made from polyisoprene) condoms when I'm fertile. They are thin, non-smelly, and BF says he can't tell a difference between those and regular condoms (I'm allergic to latex). And it's no fun, but you can always abstain during that time. Or find other ways to keep yourselves entertained ;)


Good luck!

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Thanks ya'll for the reply.. yesterday was my 14th day! I already bought a home pregnancy test kit the day before so I can be tested. However, my period came the morning of my 14th day! So, no need for me to take the PT. I guess the pregnancy symptoms I am feeling are all just in my head. And withdrawal still works for me. But I wouldn't take the risk next time. 


Thanks librraygirl for the advice.. We'll use condom next time.. specially during my fertile window..


Thanks again!



I'll get a positive maybe soon when I'm ready..

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I'm so glad you got the outcome you were hoping for.

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