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flying while pregnant with twins

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Hello Everyone!


I am 22 weeks pregnant with twins. My official due date suppose to be 28.11.2011. Me and my husband are from different nationalities. I flyed to my country to visit my family when I was 16 weeks pregnant and now in a week I suppose to fly back. The doctors wont recommend it. They say that it is a big threath to go into labor in the airplane due to difference of air pressure in the cabin and if that will happen no medicine nowadays cant save my babies. My flight will be 11 hours. So far I have had trouble free pregnancy. I love my husband very much and I would like to be with him when the babies will be born. For him to come to my country is very difficult due to visa problems. Please ladies, I need your thoughts and advices..what would you do? Would you fly or not?

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i flew to hawaii at 26weeks and across country, i had no issues and wore compression stockings to take care of and feet swelling.  i have never heard of airplane pressure being a labor trigger, i would ask for some medical articles that explain his concerns. i would go sooner rather than later. 

really i have never heard of flight restrictions on a 22 week pregnancy that was currently trouble free.  ask him to be specific on what he thinks the risks are and provide the medical articles showing the risks and probability of them actually happening. 

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by the way, welcome to Mothering.com and congrats on the twins!!!

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Thank you very much!! :) :)

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I flew regularly through most of my pregnancy. Work related trips from southern to northern California. About 3 times per month. Never had an issue. The need to travel stopped by the time I was about 25 weeks though.


Woops, just realized I'm late to the party on this one, because you've probably already flown. But don't worry! You'll be fine!

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I took a 15 hour flight to visit my parents when I was 24 weeks pregnant with my twins and the only damage I sustained was swollen ankles.

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Thank you very much for your replies! You give me a lot of positive energy!! My flight suppose to be on monday and my final decision depend how I feel during the weekend. If I feel healthy and well, I will fly!! I hope everything goes well!

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Best solution for this problem is you can go along with the different stoppage, Like 2hours flying and rest for 2-3 hours and then rest of journey later than.. Thanks 

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