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I am weaning off of Abilify and Lexapro.  I've been really stable and not depressed or hypomanic for a year now.  I used to have severe panic attacks with agoraphobia and I've not had anything close to even minor panic for a very long time.   Unfortunately I've also gained a lot of weight and had a lot of blood sugar issues.  I've also felt kind of flat and blah at times and had other symptoms that make me feel over medicated even though I am taking a low dose of each.  


The doc thinks the blood sugar issues are from the Abilify and the psychiatrist agrees and thinks it's a good idea if I try to wean off my meds before I develop full blown diabetes.  I have been in therapy for years (at times intensive) and both the therapist and the psychiatrist think I've made great progress with CBT.


I have been gluten free for a few months and I am hoping that will help keep the depression away.  (I have celiac disease but I know gluten can also be a factor in depression for some folks.)  I am also taking fish oil and B vitamins.  


Is there anything else I should be doing to support good mental health?  I don't want to take St Johns Wort or anything that treats depression (at least not yet) because I am not depressed - I am thinking more of things that will nourish and support?