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Metformin side effects.

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Hello, I was wondering how many of you have been able to combat the side effects of Metformin. It's my second week of twice daily doses of 850mg. It's been so hard on me that I'm finding it difficult to even eat the two meals necessary to take the pills. They are not XR, so I don't have the option of taking them before bed. What did ya'll do to make it through? It's to the point that I can't even smell alot of foods without gagging (we eat ALOT of Italian, LOVE Garlic, and it seems that all things Italian set me off the worst. :( )

What were your experiences?


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I had a horrid time on metformin when I was on 500mg three times a day.  I too couldn't stomach hardly enough food to take the pills, I was miserable the whole month.  I begged my doc for 750 XRs at my next apt, she really didn't want to, with all my GI symptoms from the 500s, but I begged, so she did, and ALL my symptoms went away within 36 hours of stopping the 500s.  



Best of luck!



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I'll have to see about getting the XR then! I go back in in Sept for a sonogram and to start Clomid while continuing Met. So I've got a month and a half to deal!

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I've been on Metformin 500mg three times a day for 2 months now.....I still can't get used to the side effects, but want a baby so badly that I'm willing to deal with the GI upset and other side effects daily..... blech!  inthet.gif


Just started Clomid this month, so I hope this is it!


Do you ladies know if we're to continue the Metformin when pregnancy occurs or do we just stop 'cold turkey'???  When I first started it I had to taper up to 500mg 3x daily ...started at 1/2pill once daily and up from there.





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Can't you take one of them before bed? When I was (very briefly) on 500 mg 2xday, one of my doses was right around bedtime. I couldn't handle 2x a day, unless I wanted to feel naseous all day. Since it didn't seem to be helping, I gave it up, though I might try the XR at some point. I also have problems with metformin giving me headaches, so I've actually completely stopped taking it now. Good luck, though!

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I did better last time but this time around I am finding it very difficult to get my morning ER850 in the morning without feeling sooooo sick. I can do one at night but that second one in the morning is killing me :(  I'm suppose to be taking 3 a day too

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