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Waldorf doll skin with wool poking through

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I've been wondering if anyone else has dealt with strands of wool that come poking through the cotton interlock doll skin.  I have used different skin and different wool and that seems to effect things, but I see it in a lot of the dolls I've made to various degrees.  I get my doll skin from Weir Crafts and have been using the organic cotton interlock.  I think it seems to give more that the non organic, so I'm wondering if that is part of the trouble.  I doubled the skin for my last two dolls.  I've seen it recommended and mentioned before and I wonder how widespread using double skin is.  For now that is my plan, although I still see some poking through, but I don't think it should be too big of a deal to have a little.  Discussion anyone? 




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Sometimes this has happened to me more if I use the tube gauze than if I make the inner head with a recycled t-shirt or sock.  I think your double skin would accomplish the same thing, and I have done this before, but more because of the size of the doll (when my oldest was five he asked to have a doll big enough to fit into his baby brother's newborn sleeper), it's a little harder but if you take your time it'll go fine.

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This has never happened to me and I use both the organic and non organic interlocks in my doll making. I also use gauze and stockinette for the first layer and the cotton interlock skin over that. I have never had any wool batting or fiber migrate through any of it. I wonder if it is the wool fiber you are using?


The gauze or stockinette is stretched very tightly when I am done tying the head ball but the interlock skin that I use to cover the head ball is not pulled tightly- it just lays over the head ball and fits without too much stretching. The cotton interlock should not be used to hold the doll's shape. The wool should not be over stuffed into the stretchy interlock skin. It is formed first and then covered with the skin, so the skin should not be stretched to capacity.


ETA: I only double the organic over the face, not the body, and I only do this on larger dolls 15" and up, when I make a nose on the face. Otherwise it will rub through the skin in no time and this is impossible to repair. For smaller dolls, I don't think it is necessary. The organic fabric is thinner than the heavyweight fabric from Europe. The organic interlock is perfect for smaller dolls 14" and under, where the heavyweight fabric would bury the delicate features, eye line, etc. and the rib in the heavyweight knit looks a bit coarse for the smaller scale.

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