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Baby Ethan is here!

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Ethan was born weighing 7lbs 10oz and 19in long. Healthy!!

Thursday (at 37w3d) we did a little shopping and running around, came home and I went on a cleaning frenzy. Even made DH pull the couch away from the wall and dust behind it (Guess I was nesting!). Around 5:30-6pm sat down to relax and felt a little cramp and wetness. Ran to bathroom and yelled for DH that I'm probably being dramatic, but I think my water broke? We ran around like crazy laughing as more came every few minutes and we packed stuff for DD and to take with us. Did a Hibiclens rinse. Was worried because I wasn't having contractions or anything, felt great! Finally got in the car to take DD friend's house and had a little cramping coming every 5-6 minutes. Went in our friend's house around 8:15 and talked with her a little, she was in the middle of a bible study so they all said a prayer for me. Headed to hospital and contractions were starting to get a little uncomfortable in parking lot and every 3 minutes, but walking made them feel great. Got to triage at 9:00 all smiles so they seemed to take their time. Saw my water had broken and said I could stay! Leaned against the wall while DH rubbed my lower back through these contractions. Got into a room around 9:45 and the contractions started coming stronger. I just hung on DH and swayed with him through them, while humming some random song that popped into my head. It took my mind off the pain! Nurse wanted to check me, and I was at 7-8cm! Contractions got INTENSE and one after another, but knowing I was in transition already made me feel that I could handle them just fine and it woldn't be long. Every time one would start I'd tense up and start to cuss and DH and the nurse would say "No, BREATH!" and I'd snap into focusing on humming and breathing and feel better. Total out of body weird feeling. A few minutes later I tell her I need to push, and she runs out of the room saying don't push while I'm gone!!! HA yeah right, not happening, she comes back to find me squatting on the floor. Midwife comes in, and checks and I'm complete! My legs were so tired, I climbed on the bed facing the back, hung over it and started pushing. Then I rolled over to my back because it felt better, pushed about 4 or 5 times while saying groaning, and he was here at 10:32! Had a tiny 1st degree tear, got a couple stitches, but I felt amazing as soon as he was out!

I had all these things planned for labor (Shower, birthing ball, certain music, etc.) and was kinda pissed I never got to use them. Pretty much put my bags down and pushed!

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That sounds totally awesome! Congratulations!

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yay! Congrats mama and welcome Ethan!!joy.gif
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Yay!  Congrats!  Sounds like a great birth. joy.gif

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Wow that sounds like such a nice, simple birth!  Congrats and enjoy your baby!  That's four August babies down, yes?  

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The energy of your post is amazing! Makes me feel like you were in a musical or something - very upbeat :) Congratulations! I'm glad everything went so well!

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So many congratulations! I'm glad labor went so well for you! Welcome to Ethan!

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Congratulations!!  Glad to hear you and baby Ethan are doing well!

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Yay! Congrats! Welcome little Ethan! I'm so glad to hear your labor went so well, sounds so nice and low key.

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joy.gif Welcome to the world, Baby Ethan!joy.gif

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Congratulations!!  Welcome to the world baby Ethan! 


So far all our mamas labors are so fast and seem manageable!  May we all be so lucky!

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Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

The energy of your post is amazing! Makes me feel like you were in a musical or something - very upbeat :) Congratulations! I'm glad everything went so well!

I agree....what a great vibe to have during birthing.  Congratulations!

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Congrats! What a great birth!

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So happy for you and baby Ethan!!!!

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Welcome baby Ethan!  So happy to hear it was so quick.  Who cares if you didn't get to use the shower or ball?  You didn't need them!  You were able to do great without them.  Go you!!!  (By the way, I'm a planner and can totally see myself saying the same thing, so don't take it badly. :))

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Yay! Congratulations and welcome to the world,Ethan!
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