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I agree, or maybe baby name, birthdate, and a link to the birth announcement thread/post in the roll call thread?  Except that I think Maurine is the editor of the roll call thread and she probably has other things on her mind!  We need a volunteer who is due on August 31st with a history of late babies.

I'm due the 26th with my first, but am hoping to go late. I'll at least take the first half of the month. If nobody's started it yet I guess I could go do it. I was thinking that as I read last night. I couldn't figure out who the 4th was either. 

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Oh! And congrats mama! I totally blanked on that part, sorry!


Can't wait for pictures.

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Yay - congratulations! It sounds like it was a great birthing experience! Welcome to the world, baby Ethan!

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YAY! Healthy baby and mama! CONGRATS! joy.gif
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Congrats! And welcome baby ethan! 

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