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I wanted to know if I were waisting time and money on Modifying my DC. I wanted to ask the judge if the decree could be changed from Dallas County to Dallas County and surrounding cities. I have now turned down 3 job offers because the commute was way to far. There was no particular reason why the judge ordered this. I was told by my attys at the time that he "orders Dallas County Only" with everyone. confused.gif



I also wanted to ask the judge if  could have equal time in the month of July (summer visitation) to see our daughter. She is barely 3 and being away from her for a recovering from a month is hard enough but he will not let me talk to her most of the times he has her. (

it's ordered on the decree that I can speak to her everyday). And when I do talk to her she seems so sad and asks when can she come back to my house. greensad.gif  She is either taking nap, or he didn't have the phone on him or she just went to bed the other times I try to talk


...  I was in the hospital while she was an infant recovering from stroke's as though I never will fully bond with her. So sad here alone and depressed. I miss her so... Has anyone out there gone through something similar? Any thoughts?