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Sweet ease Awailablity

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I am doing a study to assess the effect of administering 24% sucrose before and
during painful procedures among neonatesundergoing painful procedures
in selected NICU.

I need sweet ease to purchase in india. How can i get this in india.

please help me


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No advice on how to get Sweet Ease.  But coincidentally, I just read something this morning about a study on this very subject.  Sucrose doesn't work to reduce pain. All people need real, appropriate analgesia if they're undergoing painful procedures.



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There was a study or two that did this. Interestingly, the Lander anesthesia study was stopped when the researchers noticed that the newborn's cortisol levels during their circumcisions indicated that they were putting the child in great pain and at risk for stroke. Therefore, we can take from this that it is unethical to use infants as test subjects in pain studies. I suggest you find another solution, perhaps using sucrose as pain relief for adult procedures since the adults can legally consent and tell you when they are in too much pain.


Lander J, Brady-Fryer B, Metcalfe JB, Nazarali S, Muttitt S. Comparison of ring block, dorsal penile nerve block, and topical anesthesia for neonatal circumcision. JAMA. 1997;278:2158-62.

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I thought this was the "Case Against Circumcision" forum? There really is no reason for you to ask for help finding numbing materials to India for circumcisions. It is unethical whether numbed or not.
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Mukesh, your question is rather inappropriate for this forum. Mothering advocates against routine medical infant circumcision. I realize you may be studying this for procedures other than circumcision but if so you'd need to clarify that and post your question in a more appropriate forum. 

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