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I am still nursing a 13 month old and my AF is YET to return. But a month or so ago I tweaked my daughter's nursing session in hopes to bring on fertility again and ttc baby #2. 

Anyway, this month I had EWCM (just like when we conceived her) AND a positive OPK. But now 14 dpo hpt is negative and still no sign of AF.  
I thought with the ewcm and positive opk, surely I would either be pregnant or start my period. Anyone had anything similar to this? thanks!

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it could be that your body is gearing up to OV but then failing for some reason, so you may have ovulated later or still be waiting to ovulate. It can sometimes take a couple of attempts to get the egg out. 

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It's not at all uncommon to gear up to ovulation and not succeed.  You can see all the signs of impending O like EW CF and OPK+'s and then something delays O.  Many common things can cause this delay like stress, illness, injury, diet changes, strenuous exercise, etc. but the most likely cause of this is simply your returning fertility.  It often takes several attempts to finally O for the first time postpartum, especially while breastfeeding.  And to answer your title question, yes, you will likely O prior to your first pp bleed... 2/3 of women do.  But only about half of these women will have an adequate luteal phase to sustain a pregnancy (so 1/3 of women total).... two things to keep in mind. 


Since you are getting HPT- at 14 DPO it is most likely that you did not actually ovulate when you think you did or have not yet even ovulated at all.  You could get hormonal bleeding at some point down the road, but more likely you will see (or have already seen?) another patch of EW CF and your body will try to O again.   This is where temping is very helpful.  Only temping can confirm O so that you know that pregnancy is possible or that AF is really on its way.   Have you tried temping before?  If not and it interests you, just post for more details on how to get going.  Good luck!

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Hi, there! I was havin the same issue...I haven't had a regular period in over six months, but I went to my fertility specialist, and she said it's definitely possible to ovulate without a period. So, don't worry about it! Maybe you should see your doctor to get more of a peace of mind. It took me a while to go see my doctor, and I was stressing out so bad...she gave me a great peace of mind, though! Good luck. (:

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I just want to clarify that, as far as I know, if you ovulate and are not pregnant, you will have a period.  The only exception to this I am aware of is something like an ovarian cyst that prevents bleeding for a few weeks beyond your typical LP, but they usually resolve on their own and then the uterine lining will shed.  Of course, you can have long stretches of not having regular periods and then ovulate, get pregnant, and not have a period.  So it would appear that you are ovulating and not getting periods.  But what in fact happened was a long period of time where you were not ovulating, followed by a single ovulation that resulted in a pregnancy.  Otherwise it would have been a long period of time followed by a single period.  The same is true when you are breastfeeding, as the OP is.  She has not yet had her regular cycles resume, so she is not getting periods.  She will not ovulate several times prior to getting a period.  She would only ovulate once prior to her first true period and if she caught that egg, she could get pregnant without ever having a period in the postpartum period.  Conversely, 33% of women will bleed for the first time postpartum without ovulating (this is not a true period).

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It is definitely possible to ovulate without a period. My friend has three kids, two of which are 18 months apart because she had no idea she was ovulating.

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Your friend likely caught the first egg that was released postpartum.  I have a friend that this happened to as well.  It does not mean that they were ovulating for several cycles without periods.

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