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Food Processors

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I'm considering getting a food processor. So many recipes say to use one and I never have. I've been doing some research and I see that the Hamilton Beach brand is BPA free. (I assume all models are.) I've always had great customer service with HB, so that's a plus. Now to decide which model to get. 


Having no experience with a food processor, I can't figure out which model is best. I'm thinking the most important quality is to chop and blend. I can slice with a knife. Does anyone have any experiences to share? Are there any other affordable processors that are BPA free? (The only stainless steel bowls I can find are multiple hundred dollar commercial processors.)


Here's a link to the Hamilton Beach family of food processors: http://www.hamiltonbeach.com/products/kitchen-appliances-food-processors.html?sort=1



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We have a "mini-food-processor" from Cuisinart that I think does a great job.  I rarely need anything bigger, and when I do, I just do a couple of batches in our little one.  The bigger, fancier ones are a little too complicated for my tastes, and when I've used them, I've always been a bit irritated by how difficult they are to wash.  I use mine a LOT for all sorts of things -- in the last 24 hours, I've used it to make a batch of salsa, a batch of hummus, and to chop onions/garlic/parsley for tabouli.  Having a food processor of some kind is TOTALLY worth it, IMO. 

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well i've got Robot Coupe R2 . It's a commercial machine that can be purchased from restaurant supply distributors, many of whom sell to the general public . well this mahine working fine for me . hopefully u will get one soon . Best of luck

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