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That video made me cry! So amazing, no matter haw many times I see women giving birth. There really is a baby in there!

Thanks for looking at my pics. I'm going to leave it up for a short time, because I want to find a better place to display them. I don't know about you guys, but I love sharing my pics and hearing everyone say how cute my baby is!
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She IS cute!!! Even if we didn't say so, she would still be a little beauty! Her face is so expressive, she looks like she knows so much. Again, it's nice to see what she looks like finally, after hearing stories about her for months! :LOL

Here's a little "get pregnant" vibe for ya, brayg!
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Isn't that cool?

I don't know if it's a mama here.
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Yeah, that link was great. The music is what made me get misty eyed. I especially loved the expressions on the kids' faces when their brother was coming out, not knowing what to expect but probably thinking "This is SO cool!" Wow, what a miracle childbirth is. Amazing...
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I loved the eye contact the baby made with his mom right away. And the "big" brother meeting him. :*)
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I know we've talked about this before but let me just tell you that signing with Ds is great! He only knows one..."more" but uses it so well. We didn't start till about 14 months and he signed it right back to me that first time. Now he uses is a lot to ask for something to eat. Just over this past weekend he started asking for regular food. Before he only ate if I offered him something, otherwise he nursed. He is still nursing a ton but actually going into the kitchen and signing for more and then getting food...it's so great to communicate so clearly. ANd he is so excited when he gets what he asked for. THis is so great, I can't believe how much I love him!

THat link to the birth was so cool, really makes me think about another one! what if I got anohter one as great as DS??? Makes me cry to think about it!
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What a beautiful video! It made my eyes misty too
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I'm pretty sure that baby is an MDC baby.. but not positive.

And I still couldn't see the pictures, Mamajaza.. . I too love hearing how cute my Bean is. I know he's adorable, but I feel better about it when I hear it from other people. :LOL
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I've always wanted to sign with my babies but never got around to it. Is it too late to start at 16 months?
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This thread moves fast. I looked in early this morning for a quick check-in. I can usually count on Kerc for an early monday morning entry, tho not today. When I logged on this time there was almost an entire page to read

*Mamajaza* I can't access the pics either. It looks like you have to have an account with shutterfly to view them. Did you have Haeven at home? Blessings on the UC. You might let us know when you go into labor and we can send some loving, healthy, peaceful vibes your way. Just a thought

Eilonwy, same goes for you. And hpjohnson, you three. Maybe we should have an online 'birthingway' for our pregnant mamas.

I saw the birth video also. It was lovely, the little baby looked so present when he was born. And I agree, that moment when he looked into his mama's eyes was powerful. I watched it the first time without sound, not realizing there was music accompanying it. Then I read all the posts about how great the music was so I turned the sound on and watched it again. Quite a different experience. No here tho, I think I'm in the minority on that one. No pp AF either so that might explain it.

Brayg blessings on ttc. Not sure if I mentionned before how sweet your boys look in their pics.
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Thanks Solstice...
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*Mamajaza*- that link times out your session if you haven't accessed the site recently, so there must be a better way to do that... I see people giving links to shutterfly all the time, so...? : I'll let you know if I find out anything!
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Look what you can do at PhotoIsland.com!
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Mamajazza-- I have a question for you... Why do you want to have a UC birth? (Not flaming you, just curious). I'm not sure what UC stands for exactly, but I am guessing it means something like unattended. I am curious as to why people want to do this. I had Scarlett at home and it was a wonderful experience, so I understand that part, but I loved having my midwife and doula around. Do you not have any midwives close that you like? I loved my midwife and it felt wonderful to birth in the presence of such beautiful strong women. My mom and best friend were also there; it felt wonderful to me to share such a powerful amazing experience with them.
Anyone else who has done this before is welcome to chime in too.
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Why do I want to have an UC (unassisted childbirth).....

1. There is NO midwives in my area that are free for July.
2. The doctor that I saw for a couple of visits is great, but she is in a team of 4 other doctors, including MY EX-BOYFRIEND"S DAD. I would have no way of know which of them would be at the hospital at the time of my delivery. They are the most alternative doctors around, and I wouldn't feel comfortable with any more "medicalized" doctors.
3. I don't want to have my baby in the hospital anyways, and they don't do home births
4. I believe birth to be a natural thing that doesn't need to be undertaken in an emergency setting, unless I had a history of problems...
5. Which I don't. Haeven was born after three pushes, and I was semi-reclining, so her descent was slightly impeded. I can get babies out *quick*
6. I have regrets about having the midwife there for her birth. She did things that were unneccessary because she wanted to prove herself, as I made the mistake of telling her I was considering UC earlier in the pregnancy
7. I'm very independant, and I know that I can do it
8. I want to be in charge of *how* I give birth, as when I had the midwife last time, I wanted to give birth in an *empowering* position, like standing up, or squating, and she wouldn't let me.
9. I want my baby all to myself! when I gave birth with the MW, I felt like she gave me the baby, and that's just not right, IMO.
10. In the rare occurance of a problem, I live very close to a hospital.

By all means, I don't think UC is for everyone. But I for one, want to trust my body and instincts about having one, it's fine. Some people need the reassurance of a doctor, I just don't. I find that it impedes my ability to birth. I want my family with me, and memories that go beyond description. I hope that answers your question.
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I can definetly understand your no hospital stance.
Your last midwife doesn't seem like the type of person I think of when I hear midwife. I think of mine... very hands off, just supportive, definetly not proving herself, and trying to empower me in my birth process.
I wish you a wonderful birth; and I hope everything goes how you want it.
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Ds is asleep after some swaying and singing in the sling. His little body is wrapped around a dream only he knows. The house is quiet and not too messy. Some dishes in the sink, a few toys on chairs. I'm tired but content with this present moment. This moment full of grace and moonlight and cool night air. There is still a load of diapers to be put into the dryer and some clothes to fold. There are always things to do. Right now, while things are still, the day and it's activities seems far away. This morning of sand castles and water play, chai and the arrival of mail are all in the kingdom of another time.

Far away from this night. This night that is a gesture. This night that is opening. This night that has beautiful hands. Poetry without words. Soon I'll creep into bed and begin the sun-down of nursing. Soft little hands searching out my warmth and comfort until the light unfolds itself across the sky in the morning. And then we'll begin again. Gratitude.

Sleep well mamas
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*solsticemama* -- your words are beautiful...
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THAT'S how *solsticemama* used to write all the time... remember? She puts everything into persepctive, makes you think, and appreciate.

Your DS is lucky, Rose!
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hijacking thread --> so UC means unassisted as in no trained people, just family? Somehow I just imagined that it meant you all by yourself.

---edited out a question that is i can't find a good way to word. ---

I *DO* think it is really a neat thing to have a baby surrounded by family and for you to be the person who says how things go.

and babies....is it normal that my kid calls any 4 legged creature a puppy?? this morning she was banging on the window, yelling puppy, puppy and i looked out and there was a squirel
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