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Originally posted by Brayg
Now, I would to have a hospital birth in a tub. With 2 c-sections already and the fact that tub births in a hospital are pretty scarce yet, I don't think that'd happen.

hey so we up here in the sticks (lol!) are hearing ALL the time about how progressive minneapolis is about birth. like there's a tub for every mama.

and typing that up made me think we really should try to meet up sometime soon. I may be in the cities in the next month or so. You wouldn't be able to meet erin, but I could meet you!
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kerc- I've heard it is VERY common for kids to refer to all animals as "dogs" (or whatever) for awhile, until they can tell the difference. Zachary refers to everything round as a ball ("ba!")- grapefruits, oranges, apples, cotton balls, round-shaped candles, EVERYTHING! If he sees something round that even resembles a ball, he wants to throw it LOL.

Today Zach said his own name for the first time. I was talking to him, pointing to me and saying "Mama", pointing to him and saying "Zachary", etc. Julianna crawled over and he pointed at her and said "Nanna", and then pointed to his chest and said "Sack".
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yes, that's normal language development, whether it be apples for spheres or horse for four legd creatures.

i dunno if there is a tub for every mamma in mpls but i remember hearing that half the births were with nurse midwives, and that most of the units had tubs (the day i had reed there were four times as many births as usual so i did not end up with a room with queen bed and tub....i remember the midwife rolling her eyes)

i want unassisted birth for the next time, if there is a next time. so much that i placed it as criteria for having sex again though i have an iud now.
unassisted means yes, no outside monitors. i did have three decent births and did love my midwives, but its not the same as keeping my energy and power and knowing my body. and knowing my husband's vibe and my reaction to it, which has affected my births. training is relative. and when you decided unassisted, you also know that if you have serious problems you can always go to a hospital. i would also like to explain that in homebirth, a midwife would not do anything extraordinary that would compromise her career or the mother and baby's life. i guess except for when my first lay midwife. who stuck with me when clay was almost a month late (two weeks was the legal limit). homebirth and uc are beautiful things that appear normal and boring, compared to the parade of tech and hecticness of the hospital route.

i would also like to loudmouth that i think it is more brave to go to the hospital, it is a monumental feat to deliver vaginally with pitocin, odd to me the idea of recovering from an episiotomy, and bizarre the idea of staying still a contraction while they do an epidural. for me homebirth is the path of least resistance. i'm also one of those silly control freaks that would end up with csections if i had gone near the norm down here.

okay, back to my shell. i'm pretty grumpy these days, with allergies and such. of course i need to shake myself out of it since i'm fostering all time whine records.
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hey so we up here in the sticks (lol!) are hearing ALL the time about how progressive minneapolis is about birth. like there's a tub for every mama.
I s'pose that's right, but I'm a good 40 minutes on a real good day away from those city hospitals. I'm down here in the south metro--guess I'll have to look into it more when I get pg again.

we really should try to meet up sometime soon
That'd be great--LMK when, where and how.

I'm just going to paste the thread here instead of re-typing out what Owen got yesterday. My poor baby. It's now 2:20 am and he sleeping soundly (since about 8:30, PTL) but I'm up. Grrrr...

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Oh, and Owen thinks anything with wheels is a "car". It's so cute...lawnmowers, snowblowers, trailers, etc.
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Brayg where are you. My first midwife is awsome and works at a birthing center in Olympia? Olivia? right outside the cities that do water boirths almost exclusively (of coure if you didn't want one you wouldn't be pressured to have one).

her name is Edi weiss-haultzbaur. not sure of the spelling but she is great!
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I'm in Jordan--just south of Shakopee (y'know Valleyfair?). I really haven't looked into it (as i'm not even pg yet). I know w/a VBA2C, I'd definitely want to be in a hospital. Being in the water sounds dreamy.
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Ds calls all 4 leggeds 'how?' He first heard a cat say "meow" and that's where the name came from. Always said with the inflection of a question tho he's not asking, simply stating.

I birthed ds in the water so I have no experience with a land birth. At the time I wasn't so aware of the compassion of water--it's helpful effect on gravity, the way it supports the body, the qualities of flow and ebb, cleansing and so forth--but more just of its elemental nature, the feeling of warmth around me and on me and thru me. Ds came fast and I'll never know if the water had an effect on the speed with which he arrived but I do feel the quiet setting influenced my body's ability to open.
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DS has a thing for dogs right now so all animals except for the duck is called "dog".
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I've been very busy these days. Ive been reading but not posting. Finally, they are both napping. Here is my re introduction

I am Terri, 34 and a SAHM to 2 boys. We vax and the boys sleep in their own beds in our room. They are both uncircumcised. Giovanni stoped nursing at 5 months due to lack of milk while being pregnant. I am nursing Gavin now. We do disposable diapers.

Giovanni is 16 month and about 24 pounds. He loves to run and climb and tumble. He eats just about anything. Says mama, dada, gagin for Gavin my other son, ganpa for granpa, na nana for banana, naw moer for lawn mower and moon. Likes balls, airplanes, cars, bird, tv, music, books...... the list goes on. He knows when asked where is his hair, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, toungue, stomach, fingers, legs, toes and even peepe.

Hey mamas, How do u get thru a full story? Giovanni always stops to ask was tat and proceeds to turn the pages out of order to ask was tat all over again. I cant seem to get to read a full story to him, so he does not have a favorite. The upside is that he can point to, if I ask him, the ballon, fish, bird, ball, frog, apple and so on.
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elwynn refers to everything with wheels as a "car" anything with 4 legs and fur as a dog and anything with wings as a duck. he also says "duck" as thank you-when i give him saomething like a drink he says"duck" its so funny. ball is anything round, he has a lot of multi purpose words. he has been signing lots too but he uses the sigh for cookie for more, but he knows the milk sign and the enough, and hungry or food. he says Hot every time he sees a fire place or stove or light socket. what a smart little dude.
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Last night Scarlett started singing! Not words I could understand, but definetly singing some sort of song in her baby jabber. She was dancing around the living room swinging her arms and doing that hunker down and bounce up and down dance move. After she finished each song she would clap and say "yeaaaah!" So cute!
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Jackson hums as he plays. He walks around the house with his hands behind his back and humming. It's very cute.
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Hi everyone!

wow, I see so many familiar mamas from "expecting nov.2002"!
Time has really flown by. good to hear everyone is doing well, and all the babes are too.
To re-introduce myself-- i'm Jenny and I had Julian Dec.1, 2002. He joined Elwyn(now 3and a half!) They are the best of friends. and sometimes the worst of enemies! but it is such a joy to see them play and love on each other.
I am going to go catch up some more on this thread. wanted to jump in before there are 20 pages here!!
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Ava started siunging just this month. No words but she does a swell job of hitting the right notes. I swear to you Madeline didn't sing a single word until she was almost 4. I was so sad about it. Whi was this unhappy child. Lilyka was about 2 when she started singing. She had left her doll in the car and I asked if she was going to bring her baby in. She slammed the door and started singing in the sweetest little voice "baby gonna cry all night, oh well, that baby is just gonna have to cry all night. . . . ." for weeks she went on like that and then would giggle evil villan style hehehehehehe. Thats my Lily. It is nice to have a child who sings :LOL
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I've given a little thought to birthing in water, but it really doesn't appeal to me.. I'm just not a watery person. Everyone does have access to a tub where I'm planning to deliver, though, so we'll see. I've had this recurring dream about giving birth in the shower here at home, that I wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee, get into the shower and am just enjoying it when I suddenly feel an actual labor pain. I figure it's just one and stay in the shower and then I have two more and there's a baby between my legs. In my dream, I'm mostly concerned about the time.. "What time is it, what time is it, I have to know what time the baby is born!!"... I keep getting hysterical in my head, but I don't want to wake up my husband so I get out, check the time, then I get back in and I'm sitting there nursing the baby for a while before I decide to wake Mike up. :LOL It's a strange, and very funny dream. :LOL

Eli has been extra lovey of late . He's such a cutieman! :heart
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Mariah is doing so much these days. I don't know where the time has gone to. She sings (baby words that I don't understand) and dances. She has quite a few words, though our friends tease us that we are making that up because she is so shy around other people. She never talks when anyone else is around. Lately she is obsessed with the telephone. She walks around with it all day saying " Hello? Hello??" in this super cute voice. She is growing up so fast.

We have hit a very challenging time in our relationship. I guess its the move that has put her on edge, made her whinier (is that even a word?) I think it is partly a stage though, as she is also suddenly challenging me. I call her or ask her to do something and she suddenly ignores me. She has also started hitting me, in the face. Out of nowhere. It's not connected to her being angry or anything. It's very disconcerting, as I have no idea where she has picked this up.

I am trying to so hard to stay calm and sane. I am telling myself "this too shall pass" I told my mom that the other day and she laughed and said "yes it will pass, it'll pass right into something else more challenging" :

Not exactly the reassurance I was looking for!!!

Solsticemama, your earlier post was just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Oh yeah, about the birthing in water... I was drawn to water all the while I was pregnant with my little Zoomba. I took loooong showers, baths, dreamnt of swimming pools and oceans. I labored in water the whole time, but birthed on land (long story I have mixed feelings about still) Zoom is soooo drawn to water. She loves baths, playing in water, washing her hands. Anytime there is water running in our house she is there. Kinda funny, huh?

We are not planning or trying to conceive right now. but just for the record (since it was being discussed earlier) I am definetley having a home birth next time. I loved my midwives and the birthing center where Zoom was born, but I have enough faith in my body now that I want to be on my own turf when the next time comes. I'm not quite ready for UC but definetley can understand why some women desire them.

Gotta Run ---

ETA - elionwy (hope I spelled that right, sorry if i didn't) - my dd loves loves loves your ds pics!!! also, what does TBP mean (in your sig)
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Originally posted by punkprincessmama

ETA - elionwy (hope I spelled that right, sorry if i didn't) - my dd loves loves loves your ds pics!!! also, what does TBP mean (in your sig)
Thanks! Isn't it funny how kids like to look at other kids & babies? Eli is on a huge baby kick lately, he gets really excited whenever he sees one, be it a picture or on tv or in real life. He doesn't think of himself as a baby (except for that strange and vagely sad nursing thing a few weeks back) but when he sees pictures of himself, he says "Baby Eli" more often than not. It's almost like he can't believe he looks so young. :LOL :

TBP stands for Tapioca Brain of Pregnancy, which is what I call that well-known aspect of pregnancy where you can barely remember that your pants really ought to go on before your shoes, and other such things we thought we'd all mastered before we were 5 years old. :LOL
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be careful I had a dream that I gave birth effortlessly at a Dr. office and so I did. If you start feeling labor pains in the shower I recommend you take it seriously :LOL
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Thankfully the hospital I am delivering in has a jacuzzi tub in each LDRP room. I am hoping that I will be able to sit in the tub instead of being restricted to bed. You ladies keep your fingers crossed that I get the 50% chance of not having toxemia again. Mag Sulfate Sucks!
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