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ok, i don't feel so bad that dd is not very big. it was getting me concerned, bc she has weighed the same amount since xmas. of course, after she started walking i knew the energy was eating up those calories before they ever got to her tummy or thighs. :LOL
anyway, i'll stop being concerned about that.

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my little guy is scrawny too!
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My name is Anna. I have 2 girls; my youngest Scarlett is 16.5 months. She was born Nov.19, 2002 at home. I don't vax., she now sleeps in her own bed (which both of us like better!), and she is already weaning herself and only nurses at night. My guess is that she is around 23lbs. She has 4 teeth and is currently getting 2 more plus 1 molar. My oldest is 33 months. They are now at a point where they can play together and it is fun to watch them. I am a single mama, but get a lot of help from my mom, who watches the girls while I work pt. Right now we are located in Nebraska, so if anyone is in the neighborhood let me know!
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so I was wondering.. what happens to all those developmental milestone charts after the first year? it's not that i'm worried about eli or that i feel some need to prove just how extraordinary he is.. i was just wondering why there are zillions of things out there for the first year milestones (cutting teeth, sitting up, walking, etc) but like, half as many for the second year and almost none for after that?
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well, they aren't physically measureable but there are quite some milestones....i'll have to think about what they are. much of it has to do with realizing that they are individuals and their place in the world. my belief is that most of the first year for humans is an unusual thing when it comes to mammals, hence the milestones. if we were horses our foals would be born at around this stage of development.

i don't fret about size though i tend to have giant heavy kids. one thing to keep in mind is that their weight will not change much in the next year or so. generally they will just get taller and longer and outgrow shoes overnight. ruby has been basically the same weight since nine months.

as for potty training, it really depends on the kid's motor skills and awareness of body, and if you are not ecing there's quite a range. having a laid back attitude is important. i know a few boys around 5 and 6 that are in a laxative cycle and holding their poop, which was enough to scare me into being cool and making no comments.

my first boy daytime trained after four. second boy wanted to train the same time and i was not up for it and trained around 2 anyway. ruby will train anytime soon since it is already getting too darned hot and she's aware of the whole process. since i have only one toilet this should be interesting. at least she is young enough to possibly accept the potty in the van so i don't have to make extra bathroom trips when i'm out. i've also been spoiled with the boys being able to hide behind a tree. boys train differently since the orfices are obviously different, and learn two different positions. i had better luck with clay sitting on a bjorn seat on the toilet for any output. girls just know squatting gets something done.
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Hi mamas! I'm a lurker and post occasionally. My DS is 17 months, born 11/12/02. I love hearing what all the babies/tots are up to!

Tyson was such a huge baby and is now a petite little guy! I'll stop worrying too, he's been gaining so much slower lately and is right around 22-23# and 30 inches. People comment on such a little baby walking whereever we go! The funny thing is he was a later walker, 15 months.

We are in the midst of molars as well, I also saw two eye teeth through this morning, the poor kid can't get a break, well he's almost done at least.

He is still nursing a ton (8-10x/day) and loves our family bed (DH and I do too!) I am amazed at you mamas about to have another baby...DS seems like such a baby to me I can't imagine another one yet! More power too ya! I'm thinking another year or so on that one.
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sometimes i get envious of mammas with littler kids. i think i would be more tolerant of childish behaviours if my kids didn't look so large, and it would be easier to physically move them. and my first is and was such a strong talker that i tend to try to reason verbally in situations i can see later as a ridiculous attempt. which is why i'm in no hurry for ruby to talk, though she clearly understands.....
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Casina--my Jacob was that way. He was bigger, he walked early, talked early...everything. He just seemed way older than he really was (he actually still does at 8 years old). Owen is just your typical child--doing all the thing that babies/toddlers do, but he's given me a lot more baby time, kwim? It was actually very refreshing to be able to spend that baby time with him. Jacob was a baby till about 3 or 4 months, then he was off and running! (well...not really, but he crawled by 6 months and walked by 10)
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Casina-- there are lots of advantages to having a smaller child, but even though he's the size of your average 9 or 10 month old (I think.. maybe 7?) he looks much older than that. When he's just sitting in his stroller, or he's out with me, people think he's 2 or 3 by the look on his face. Then he stands up to walk and they kind of blink every time, because he suddenly looks really petite :LOL. Or if he's standing next to another child, he looks older even if they're younger and much larger, kwim? People ask me all the time if he was a preemie, because he's so tiny but he looks (and acts) so mature. : The thing I like about it is that he can wear his clothing more than once. This winter, he had several outfits that he could wear from last year and this summer it looks like all but a few outfits are going to fit him again. Hopefully NewBean is another slow-grower! Otherwise they'll be in larger clothing than EliBean come October. :LOL
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my kiddo is small, has been basically since birth (she was, umm, well i can't remember but 9lbs 1 oz is sticking in my brain for some reason).

one thing that is very fun is that epople think she's a REALLY advanced 10 month old. Then I tell them she's 17 months and they're like "that's why she's running!"
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I'm so glad this new thread was started. This way I can familiarize myself with everyone and feel more "in the loop".

Quick rundown on me again...

I'm Karen, 29 (and holding!) SAHM to 3 dd's. Haven is 3 1/2 (9/4/00) and Lillie and Faith are almost 16-months (12/16/02). Haven bf'd until she was 25-months which was also the beginning of my 3rd trimester with Lillie and Faith. They are still nursing. We plan on ttc again in a couple of years.

Island Mommy - In the last thread you asked about night weaning/weaning Haven. I got pg again when she was 19-months-old and she was still VERY frequently night and daytime nursing. When I found out I was pg I knew that sleep was going to be essential to me so I decided to night wean her. I read Dr. Jay Gordon's method on night weaning the co-sleeping toddler. I talked to her about what was going to happen for a couple of days building up to night 1. I would tell her that she could nurse to sleep but that if she woke at night that I would do other things to help her fall back to sleep. She could nurse again when the sun was in the sky. On night one she woke to nurse and I rubbed her back, sang to her, etc. (tried not to pick her up). She fussed, tossed and turned...that kind of thing for a couple of minutes each time but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The second night was a bit tougher. I think she was hip to what I was doing. She got angry when I'd try to sing or rub her back and kept asking for "ga-ga" (her word for nursing). I just kept telling her how we'd nurse when the sun was up and kept doing what I was doing before. She did cry that night but I never left her side, never stopped comforting her, she was never alone. She also never cried longer then 2 or 3 minutes...which seems like a lifetime in the middle of the night. On night three she would barely wake (and it was much less then usual) and was easily put back to sleep. Night four she slept over 12 hours straight! After finding out at 9-weeks that I was carrying twins, I decided to slowly wean her over the course of the pregnancy. My OB was completely supportive of me continuing to nurse her (I would have done it anyway). If I had not been carrying twins I wouldn't have weaned her at all. She stopped nursing the day I began my 3rd trimester...she was 25-months old. She was 27-months when her sisters were born. She did ask to nurse again in the hospital and I let her but she didn't actively nurse....just sat on my lap in my arms with her mouth on my nipple. She asked again once or twice after we came home and I let her then too. She hasn't asked in at least a year now.

*mamajaza* - It is funny that we keep running into each other! I do remember your message from the BabyCenter board. We both have great taste in names.

My girls are getting their first haircuts today!! I'm just getting a little trim for them and am thinking of having bangs cut (not sure though). I have to buy film and make sure to take my video camera...I'm a sap for "memories". By the way...check out their webpage if you want:

Password: two girls
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OMG 1Plus2 - those picures are so adorable!!! i love the nursing one. my heart went boom boom when i saw that.

i just found out that dd's first eye tooth is coming in. that ends my hiatus from teething. so three more teeth to go and then we're done i think?

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Karen, your entire family is absolutely beautiful Thank you for sharing the pics!
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1plus2 lovely pics of your family. The one of the 3 girls sitting on the beach, arms around each other w/their backs to the camera is so sweet. Something about the vastness of the ocean and the smallness of their bodies makes it so poignant.

On the subject of small babies...ds is 30lbs and yet he is still very much a baby. He's still got 'tootsie rolls' on his arms and legs and his cheeks seem to be a magnet for hands, they're so round and kissable. He did alot of the physical things--crawling, walking etc on the later side but his vocab is quite extensive. Nevertheless I still think of him as a baby rather than toddler. As dh says he is enjoying his babyhood. A friend of mine has a baby 9 days younger than ds but he is alot skinnier and a bit taller than my guy and I definitely think of him as a toddler.
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Awww, those kids are sooo cute! Identical twins are a blessing indead. It was interesting seeing Haven, as well. I might be able to post some pics soon.
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Originally posted by Mona
i just found out that dd's first eye tooth is coming in. that ends my hiatus from teething. so three more teeth to go and then we're done i think?

Until the 2-year molars come through. My girls cut their top two eye teeth 2 weeks ago. We only have the bottom two to go until the 2-year molars.

Thank you all for the wonderful compliments on my girls and their page. I truly do feel so blessed by all of my children. Don't we all?
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1plus2 I forgot to add about haircuts...how did it go? Ds's hair is so long and it's now starting to get into his eyes a bit but I still not ready to cut it YK? Anyone else cut their dp's hair yet?
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no hair cuts here. my mom is always saying how i should cut dd's hair, but i'm like, BACK OFF!!! :LOL we put a little barrette thingy in her hair to keep her bangs out of her eyes.
don't know if would feel comfy doing that with ds. you could just trim the bangs a little bit....

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I know what ya mean. I've gotten a few not so subtle hints...like "when are you going to cut his hair?" and I feel the same way..."back off!" It doesn't help that he occasionally gets mistaken for a girl. Trimming his bangs is probably the way to go.
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when i was a kid i baby sat for this boy who had the most beautiful curly red hair. his dad always wanted to cut it, bc it was too "girly" and his mom didn't bc it was so beautiful.
i hate that the gender pressures start so early.
i mean, what is wrong w/ a boy having beautiful long hair?

and if it makes you feel better, i got a "talk" from my mom about how dd always wears stretch pants or runs around naked, instead of wearing dresses. yeah, dd is definetly a tom boy!!

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