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Aha! So here is where you all snuck off to! You'll have to try harder than that if you want to ditch me. :

I'm XmasEve, mother to dd, who was born- drumroll please- December 24, 2002. I'm a SAHM to her and my doggy love and dh, when he's not working. (He's gotta work a lot to support his 3 princesses.)

Dd is her-sized. That is, I don't know her numbers, but she seems the perfect size to me. She has over 10 teeth now. Nurses a lot, that's a good thing, and eats a lot, that's a bad thing because she still has so many food sensitivities, but they are getting better with NAET.

She has always been a jock rather than an intellectual. Been walking for more months than I can remember, but still has only a handful of words. She herself is a handful, but I love it!

She has been ec'd since birth and hasn't worn diapers since she was 10 months old. Now that she can use sign language, she tells me when she needs the potty and we go. She still can't pull her pants up and down by herself, but I'm not looking forward to that because she'll probably insist that they go down and OFF!
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Eli's hair is almost long enough to get into his mouth. It's not getting cut until he's three years old. This is only an issue with strangers, for the most part. Mike's mother made a comment about it one day and I went out and bought some hair clips. Once he had a clip holding his hair out of his face, and he still didn't look like a girl ( : ) I stopped hearing about it. I'm absolutely certain that FIL has something to say, but he knows better than to open his mouth about it in my presence. :LOL Mike is fine, and my mother would probably flip out if I had his hair cut any earlier. :LOL

Just this week, someone my sister used to work with commented on how long Eli's hair was and asked when it was going to get cut, and she said "When he's three" very matter-of-factly. She had to repeat herself a few times, but she did get the point across.
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The haircuts went fine. I really only did a trim...no bangs. When my oldest dd was their age I got her hair trimmed regularly along with bangs. I decided against bangs for L & F because they look so cute with it all pulled off of their faces. Lillie did great but I had to hold Faith while she got her's cut. She was fine with the cutting...didn't want me to put her down though. I'll let their hair grow long once they're older and it's beyond the thin/baby hair they still have. KWIM? And as for boys having long hair...I'm all for it! Cindy Crawford's little boy has hair almost to his shoulders and it's precious.
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lovely. i forgot so many of us are still nursing.

i finally put some recent fotos up.
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Scarlett has lots of hair, always has. It grows fast too. I trim her bangs and still pull the top back with a clip or fabric hair tie. The way her hair grows is forward. So, it doesn't naturally want to sweep to the side. She also likes to pull the clips out of her hair. She would end up like Cousin IT if I just let it go! :LOL
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Rollcall!!! here!!!

Greetings and Salutations!!
My name is Jaime, I am a 27 Y.O. SAHM to my Sweet baby Boy, Zachary Michael 16Mos. ,he is the apple of my eye...weighing in around 26lbs or so..(he was huge at birth 10.5) with sparkling hazel blue eyes and LONG curly blonde hair (we get the "what a beautiful lil girl "comment just about daily..I just say thank you, rather then correct them) we BF, sling and semi co sleep..meaning he starts in his own bed and ends up in mine... however lately he has started this obnoxious new routine..where he wakes up at 4am and is WIDE AWAKE for about 3 hours then he wants to nap for a few hours and I am trying to let it run its course but let me tell you..it's not easy...: ... so anyhow..just wanted to give attendance and share the love!
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Hi Mamas. I'm Maria, 35. Dh and I own a tiny bakery at the beach and dd has come with me to work since about 3 mos or so. She now considers herself the official bakery greeter. She was born 11/17/02 and we are flat out in love with her. She has just started saying hello, bye-bye and thank you. We are still breastfeeding, cosleeping etc. I love being part of this group of women who are so passionate about mothering. I learn so much and you mamas are never short of thoughtful advice.
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Originally posted by eilonwy
Eli's hair is almost long enough to get into his mouth. It's not getting cut until he's three years old.
Is this an arbitrary decision or is there some significance to the 3 year mark?
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Jackson doesn't have hair :LOL My kids are slow in growing their hair. So we don't have to get hair cuts.

Jackson said "up" today when he wanted to get into his Learning Tower. He said "out" when he wanted out of the wagon. I was so excited!
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Do you like your Learning Tower? Could he fall out of it easily? I need something safe for Owen to climb on...
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I LOVE it! OMG, it's a lifesaver for us. I don't think he could fall out easily. He's a climber and gets into lots of trouble but has never fallen out of that. He really loves it. I wish I would have had it for my first four kids!
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Hmmm...I may have to seek one out. Thanks!
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I want a learning tower as soon as someone will buy us for it.
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Originally posted by Mona
I want a learning tower as soon as someone will buy us for it.
I think I have that same sentiment but worded a bit differently...:LOL

Hair, ha! The older dd gets the more she gets the "what a cute little boy" comments-- her hair just can't keep up with her! It's very thin and doesn't even cover her forehead, and barely tickles the back of her neck. But it makes life much easier for me that I don't have to deal with it.

Everyone has such cute pictures of their kids. Seriously the kind of pictures that would make me want a toddler, if I didn't already have one.

Bakeria, I'm hoping to take a trip to the Oregon coast this summer. If it all pans out, I'll PM you for the address of your bakery and maybe get to meet you and your dd. Please? Cool!
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I want a learning tower as soon as someone will buy us for it.


I think I have that same sentiment but worded a bit differently...

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Originally posted by XmasEve
I think I have that same sentiment but worded a bit differently...:LOL

OMG that is too funny. my occassional dyslexia is coming out again.

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:LOL You guys are too funny!

I got my Learning Tower at a major discount. I was lucky!
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what's your secret?
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Originally posted by *solsticemama*
Is this an arbitrary decision or is there some significance to the 3 year mark?
It's an Orthodox Jewish tradition (I don't think that it's a religious injunction, but I could be mistaken; I'll have to ask my mother). You don't cut any child's hair until they're three years old because a child is like a fruit tree, and you're not supposed to harvest the fruit of a tree for three years, because you want the tree to be healthy and strong and the fruit to taste sweet before you do it.

The first haircut, when a (boy)child is three years old is a big occasion, you make a party and it's a really special day. I'm looking forward to it!

I'd love to get a learning tower, but even the discounted ones I've seen are way out of my price range. I'm going to have to find someone with older children who are all too big for it, I guess. :LOL
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Hi Everyone

I'm Carrie, 23 (for a few more days anyways) SAHM to my dd, Mariah Rose Andrea, who is 16 months old.

Sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth this last month, the move went well, but there is so much to do to get settled in. For the past two weeks I've been sick on and off, really sick, and now dd has a cold/cough.

I am soooo tired.

I'm glad to have found this new thread though, because honestly I was dreading having to read and read to catch up from where I left off in the old one.

I sincerely hope you are all doing well.

P.S. My dd still doesn't have any hair.... but like someone else said, at least that is one less thing to deal with! She is long and skinny - 31 1/2 inches and barely 20 lbs at her last WBC a few weeks ago....... All I can think of is she must have a great metabolism because she is either eating or nursing. I guess it helps that she has been walking since 10months and now she runs - the child is never still.

Sorry for the ramble - I need sleep!!!!!

Good Night y'all!
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