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What do you guys use for storage of dirties between washes?
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A wet bag!  I like the Planet Wise ones.



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I'm planning on CDing. When we got our dog my husband and I made a deal that he will take care of dog waste, and I'll take care of the baby waste. (Unless of course there's a situation where it has to be done by the wrong parent.) I don't think he realized how big of mistake he made! I think I'll start saving the cost of diapers for each month for a new washer.


Because I'm not really into creating more work for myself I was thinking about going with the bumgenius ones with the snaps. They seem like the most fail proof, but I have only started my research!

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If I remember right, my mom kept dirties in a 5 gallon bucket w/lid, and filled it with soapy water. We lived in a 1940's style bungalow, so the garage was detached and open on one side. There would have been no odor issues.

We have one of the diaper things that does not require refills. You just line with a garbage bag, put the diaper in the top, and move the handle over to deposit the diaper without releasing the smell. Would that work? I was thinking of getting a shower nozzle that attaches to the toilet like a bidet for cleaning poopies.
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I plan on it.  I have a huge stash of bumgenius and gdiapers with cloth inserts from my son.  We were very dodgy about CD with my daughter as we lived in a rental at the time and the w/d was in a very very scary basement... Weak excuse, I know, but that's the truth, I hated that spidery place.....  I would like to cloth diaper the next baby, though.  But I am having an awful time fully stripping my inserts, they smell immediately... I've tried everything.  Alas...

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I've been cloth diapering for almost a year now and haven't even thought to look back! I most definitely will be CD'ing this next baby too!


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I used cloth exclusively with my first and until 14 mo with my second. We moved and the apt complex has only iffy hot water grossedout.gif. So, I stuck it all in storage. I am so excited to be moving soon and pulling my washer and dryer out of storage with the CDs :)


I loved GADs, too! Snaps did not work with my 1st--any brand--but were fine on DS2. My BGs are all ancient, and I need to see what to pick up. Like maybe an extended lesson on folding PFs...

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I used cloth exclusively with #1 and plan to do the same with #2.  I tried all sorts of diapers.   Prefolds and covers are always good to have on hand because they are cheap, easy and work.  I liked Kissluv's for newborns.  I sewed a bunch of covers, diapers, pail liners and wipes myself for a while.  I also fell in love with wool covers when DS got older but I'm not sure how well they will work for a newborn.... going to try though.   DS has been a bit late to night train and we've been using Mother-Ease one size with a pre-fold tucked in .. and a wool cover... works great even for an older child.


I use a 13 gallon kitchen trash can for a diaper pail with hand-made liners.


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For storage I used safety first diaper pail lined with a wetbag. I read the the waterproofing on pockets wears out faster if you use the wet pail method. Don't bother with the sprayer it is more hassle than it is worth, you just knock the solid poos off onto the toilet.

Stripping (mind outta the gutter ladies :-))

I was buying white vinegar by the gallons. Then soaking the stinky diapes over night with about a cup. When they got really bad I used about a cup of vinegar and a half cup of baking soda and a bunch of squirts of dish soap. I don't know why but this worked for us.
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We cloth diapered DS as soon as he fit the 36 BGOS we bought him. When he hit 10 lbs (5 weeks). I reccomend bgos for a first timer. Very easy.  With this one we'll CD as well, and probably do elimination communication as much as possible. CD's will be backup.

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we CD now, and will with this babe too. i have tried everything and my faves are fitteds with wool or all in ones. they are so easy and keep all the poo in. cloth diapering is easy and fun.!~!

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I have two little cheap diaper pails with a PUL liner in each.  I have considered getting a normal trash can with lid and using the liners in that, but haven't done it yet.  The little pails are good for a load in my tiny washer, but they are small and ridiculous.  I would never use a wet pail personally.  I would totally knock it over one day and the idea of all that bacteria soaking in stagnant water turns my stomach... blech!

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We have an HE washer, but it isn't front load. It shoots soapy water into the clothes for awhile and then does the "soak and spin". It worked pretty well when DD had accidents, so it'll probably be fine. We just run bleach through it once a month to prevent odors in the washer itself. I think we need to install our washer/dryer and put mom's in storage if we're still living here. Having the high capacity washer/dryer would make things a lot easier when it comes to laundry.

My chiropractor said to watch BabySteals for pocket diapers. I'll have to keep an eye on that and ebay.
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Ooh...you can get fuzzibunz on layaway. That definitely makes them a little easier on the budget. I'll have to look around to see if any other brands or stores offer that.
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I do plan on Cding again with this one BUT I have like every kind of diaper and I think I also have decided on pfolds and covers and get rid of anything that is not that (or aio) because my poor dh was getting frustrated even though he wouldn't complain because he didn't know how they all worked. so I have a lot of diapers to sell and get what I really do like. I am just wondering how quickly they go through the sizes. I don't even think I will buy the newborn size (both of my babies were over 9 lbs at birth) so a couple dozen smalls?


also this time I am hoping to use cloth wipes. anybody else done that before? I saw someone using a butt spray (not homemade) and it actually smelled heavenly. don't know what I am going to use for that. sposie wipes are so handy when you have a huge poop and wipe it and threw it away. I just keep thinking if you are washing the dipes why not the wipes?

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My kids go through sizes slowly... they are skinny little things so DD2 (who was my CD from birth baby) wore newborns for a month or two, smalls until 10 months, mediums until potty training at 3 yrs old.  DD1 started in mediums (I switched to cloth when she was past her 1st birthday) and she never needed larges either.


We use cloth wipes.  I don't know of anyone else who does this method, but I just keep a tub of water with a lid in the changing area to dunk the wipes in.  For "wipe solution" I just drop a bar of natural baby soap in the warm water, swish it around until the water becomes a little opaque, and pull the soap out.  Wipes cubes are just soap, so I figured it was a good method after my samples of wipe cubes ran out.  It works just as well.  If I don't use up the water in a couple of days, I dump it and make more, but I don't have to worry about mildew on my pre-soaked wipes or using spray which I never liked.  Cloth wipes are easy as can be since you just toss them in the wash with everything else.  Disposable wipes are kinda gross to use in cloth diapers in my opinion since you can't wrap them up in anything before tossing them out.  I found I could toss a few disposable wipes in with the wash and just toss them afterward, but any more than like 3 and the wash got really linty.  Just my 2 cents.  :)

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We'll be cding  with some ec again.  We use indian prefolds and wool soakers.  I used just about everything the first time.  With yds I used handknit stuff (thank you Mom!) and Disana pull on soakers. I am excited that this baby will be born when it is still cold here because that means little tiny woolies - so sweet!  My last baby was born In June so we only used a few soakers.  This time I want some soakers, some longies,and a couple sleep sacks. If my mother can't knit them I will probably make them from recycled sweaters.  Some cashmere would be pretty awesome for a newborn, I think.  


In terms of amounts I had 3 dozen preemie diapers (these are pretty small but even with my big babies I could use them for a few weeks.  I would double them up and snappi them on.  Then later you can fold them up to ad absorbancy in the bigger sizes without too much bulk.) 3 dozen infant, and 2 dozen premium (these were from between 6 and 9 months 'til we potty learned).  With this amount I can wash every other day and line dry.  Also about 3 dozen cloth wipes, a couple of changing pad covers, a couple of pail liners (we just used a plain old Rubbermaid trash can with one of those lids your raise by stepping on a pedal).  If you use wool you need some wool wash or very mild natural soap and some lanolin.


Oh, and of course something to fasten the diaper - when we first started I was a pin girl and liked the old fashioned metal head ones.  Those are hard to find now, though, and my dh really likes Snappis so we'll use them.  Also I just used plain distilled water with our wipes during changes and then washed their diaper area with natural soap every morning and night (otherwise I don't bathe my babies much).  I've tried solutions but they made my boys rashy.


Green Mountain Diapers has sooooo much information and a really good selection of stuff, so definitely check it out.  But, I think you find better prices elsewhere. So many places offer free shipping and that is nice when you are buying 20 lbs of diapers!


If you do EC a Baby Bjorn little potty is pretty nice to have.    There is a sub forum  in the Diapering section here. We "caught" all my last son's poops in the potty until he started eating solids and was less predictable.  I never really got his pee cues but his poop cues were really obvious and it was so cool to do.  I'd put him on the potty and say "want to poop" and make a "puh, puh,puh" sound and he'd go!It amazed everyone.


But yeah, cloth diapers are so nice and if you get into wool watch out! It is very easy to get obessed.

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I'm going to try to make some woolies from old sweaters. We've got a nice Goodwill outlet not too far from here, and they sell everything by the pound. I'm kicking myself for getting rid of sweaters that I felted for crafts last year - I would have had enough to make a ton of woolies.
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My last 3 have been cloth diapered. I still haven't packed away the newborn size for dd3 (8 months old).

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We are cding too.  It will be our 4th child in cloth diapers.

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