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How crampy are you feeling?

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I'm about 36.5 weeks.  The last few days I have been so crampy down low, like how it feels before my period comes.  I'm not having lots of real contractions, just constant cramping.  The last two nights I've had strings of long contractions every 2-3 minutes for about 45 minutes, which then go away for the rest of the night (or, I guess I sleep through them).  Last night they were feeling quite a bit stronger than BH, and way down in my cervix.  Those kinda hurt!


Is anyone else having this at 36-37 weeks?  I don't want to get my hopes up that baby might come sometime around 37 weeks rather than 41+!  But, I only made it to 31 weeks pregnant with DS, so I'm not sure what normal 36 week pregnancy feels like :)


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I was crampier a week or two ago (I'm 39 now). Now everything is pretty calm. Which is kind of frustrating! 

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I'm also 36.5 weeks and have been feeling this too.  Yesterday had a few conractions and this morning have been feeling very crampy like I was about to start my period.  My first was a 33-weeker and second was 41+ weeks and I seem to remember getting a little crampy at the end with #2.  My gut is telling me baby isn't coming anytime soon - with both of my others, even #1, I just "had a feeling" when they were coming.   


Good luck to you!  I hope you get some relief soon - whether it's birth or just the cramps going away.  It's definitely not fun!

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35 weeks here. 


I've been pretty crampy, but nothing out of normal (so far) as far as contractions go. Just my regular BH ctx.  The cramps definitely feel like I'm about to start my period though. I wasn't expecting that. 

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It comes and goes for me. Some days I really feel like I'm about to start my period, then other days it's just my back that hurts. I have a feeling the OB will ask to strip my membranes today and I will certainly feel crampy then. I'd rather feel that crampy feeling then those nasty one on top of the other contractions that seem to do nothing for me!!
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I'm crampy and I'm up 38 wks, 4 days.  I'm hoping it means something is going on. :)

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How crampy am I feeling?  Not very.  Not at all actually...  I get Braxton-Hicks on occasion, but that's IT.  I've had nothing else.  With DS I had WAY more BHs, so I'm feeling a bit discouraged that this one might cook longer because nothing is going on downstairs.  I've been trying to think of some reason to have my midwife check my cervix (she doesn't normally check it), just because I'm curious if anything is happening.

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I have BHs all the time. A lot a lot a lot. I only mind them if I'm kind of folded up as they shove his legs over my ribs and that sucks. I'm getting more weird poky-crampy things around my cervix. And the last two days I feel like I'm about to get my period. Which.. you know, I really didn't miss that feeling at all :P


I'm 38w3d, so eh. Who knows? I have a lot more mucous, am not sleeping well, am tired a lot, feeling kind of off. But I read that the babies move less when you're and Charlie is still quite content to dance up a storm, so hm.

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Some days I seem to be pretty crampy, a feeling in my pelvis like my period is starting but not actual uterine contractions. Other days not at all. I always wish the crampy feeling is the start of something real, but it never is of course...


I have also had a couple of actual *contractions* but totally randomly, not the same as my regular BHs. Actually I was walking and trying to let my abs relax so the baby was pressing pretty strongly on my cervix. Then all of a sudden I had a contraction and it felt, because of the way the pressure was I guess, like I was about to have an orgasm. Like when that semi-painful pressure on your g-spot suddenly starts turning into a pleasurable sensation. Really weird. Then it passed and there weren't anymore.


ETA I'm 39 weeks. And Becky, I've been feeling "off" for at least a week now... I wish it meant something too.

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Not at all.  I didn't even have significant BH until last night when a had a spell.  I'm 36.4.

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I have been pretty crampy the last week or so. It definitely feels just like when I'm about to start my period. I am 36 weeks so I have been trying not to get my hopes up that he will come earlier than 40 weeks. But I am so ready to meet him I am really hoping at 38 weeks he makes his appearance!

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I've been feeling pretty crampy for about the past week, but it's mostly at night. No BH, but I didn't get them with dd, either. I'm 37wks5days now, and at 36wk6days my MW checked since she was down there doing the group b test anyway, and there was nothing going on - no dilation and no real effacing. DH is going out of town sunday-friday and he's worried he should cancel the trip, but I'm pretty sure I'll be fine while he's gone. 

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I am about 36.5 and have been crampy the past few afternoons. I do not recall felling like this with the other two. With my first I hardly noticed BH or anything and with my second I had many more BH, but nothing uncomfortable until I started labor. I am feeling pretty ready, I really want this little one to come between 37 and 39 weeks, but I know we could still have a while. 

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I'm so crampy and achey.  It's on and off and usually while I'm trying to do too much, lol.  I'm so ready for this to be over!!  LOL!

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I've been getting pretty crampy every night this past week. It feels just like period cramps, but my period cramps are waaaaay more intense and painful, so these don't seem so bad to me. My BHs feel a lot different now than they did in the first 2 trimesters too, way more downward pressure, and kind of adrenaline rushy feeling for me.

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It feels just like period cramps, but my period cramps are waaaaay more intense and painful, so these don't seem so bad to me.

The first 5 or so hours of my labor, I remember thinking, "well, at least it still isn't as bad as my period yet!"  It obviously got worse, but I think if you've dealt with really bad menstrual cramping in the past, it makes the beginning of labor a lot easier (or at least, it did for me).


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My sister in laws have said the same thing Italiamom, I hope that's how it ends up feeling for me too! I've been dealing with crazy bad period cramps since I was 14, so if early labor is similar, I feel like I've already had years of practice!

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I'm at 36+2 now. I've been having very mild cramping for the last 5 weeks or so, but as my OB confirmed yesterday, nothing is actually happening: the baby is not engaged but floating around head-down. BH have been going on for a while too, and they're not bad either - but I am happy that I can feel them this time around.

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I'm 36 +2 days now and have been feeling like my Period would start the last few days. It's typically in the evening and not nearly as bad as when I'd get my period. (my period used to make me want to die it hurt so bad) I'm going to ask my midwife about it when I see her friday. I also noticed that it gets worse in the evening if I've been very active that day and haven't drank a lot of fluids. 

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I've been feeling crampy as well lately. It makes me feel good because I'm not feeling any other pre-labor signs at all... no dropping, no mucus, still can't feel BH ctx, no nesting.  Something has to be going on in there, right?

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