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I listen as I'm going to bed. It's just as effective if you fall asleep to it :)

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Me too. And goodness knows I need help getting to sleep some nights! 

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Thanks for all the info ladies. I was also wanting to try and use some Hypno techniques this time around. I'm leaning more towards the hypnobabies, if it's something that can be done at home. I have daycare kids all day and my DH works nights so I don't see any spare time for classes.


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Hi everyone-- I''m new here!


Thanks for the info-- I've been considering buying the Hypnobabies system, and think I'll go for it!

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There is a free track on the Hypnobabies site you can download to give it a shot. I did the program with my first and plan on doing it again with #2. I did most of the tracks before (during?) falling asleep at night and listened to the affirmations while driving to work. I labored for less than 10 hours with #1 and credit that to the HB program.

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Last time I did both the Hypnobirthing classes with my MW (with the Mongan book) and the Hypnobabies home-study course on my own. I realize now that I NEED to practice, practice, practice on a much more regular basis in order to reap the full benefits! The techniques were wonderful during early labor, but once things got a little harder (labor started Sat. AM and DS was born Tues. AM), it's like everything I had learned went right out the window, and I wish I had listened to the tracks during the whole labor process, not just the beginning. I had pretty intense back labor for most of it, and the tracks and exercises DID help with a lot of the pain, but I need to make sure that I don't forget about listening to them throughout the whole process. I even downloaded the CDs to my ipod, got a waterproof ipod case and special headphones so I could use it in the birthing pool, etc. - but I lost my focus and once that happened, the ipod was left untouched in my suitcase at the hospital. :(   This time I'm determined to be more focused, and I really think birthing at home will help with that immensely. I still use the breathing exercises to calm myself down and help myself fall asleep on nights when my brain seems to be wide awake.

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I know this has been asked before on different posts--but I've seem conflicting advice, so i'd love to ask you ladies. 

like several women out there, I have the Hypnobabies Cds but not the workbook.--i have found the order they are used in online. 


I live overseas in a country with notoriously bad mail system so getting the workbook unless I can find a download will not only take money but a lot of coordination (finding someone who is traveling soon etc.)... with that in mind, how important is the workbook? 


A side note: While I will have a doula or midwife (still working on this) they definetly won't speak english  so if there is supposed to be scripted interaction between them and I would either have to translate and teach it to them-- and then since will have I heard it on the CDs in English I don't know that might work or just ignore that part and do it alone.  (I'm not sure this is relevant to the workbook question but it might be.)

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The only thing is they need to call labor, your birthing time, and contractions are pressure waves. Neither term bothers me so it didn't matter. Also there is a lesson in the book about your bubble of peace, an invisible bubble that can be as big as you need, or just right above your skin, it's purpose is to keep all negativity out.

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