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Recipe swap

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Anyone interested in a recipe thread? I love to cook and have some great recipes I've collected for quick healthy meals. I also love trying new foods. It could be fun!

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I'm too nauseous. Personally, maybe catch me in a month... right now I'm useless when it comes to food. : urgh :
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Originally Posted by BirthFree View Post

I'm too nauseous. Personally, maybe catch me in a month... right now I'm useless when it comes to food. : urgh :


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I'm with BirthFree and biffer, I can't even read the morning sickness or what I'm eating threads here right now...


But definitely in month or two! It'd be great to get an influx of healthy, easy recipes so we don't just have to eat the same old things...

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I've been getting late morning/afternoon nausea, but it's only when it's really bad that I don't feel like eating.  There is very little that will keep me from eating; it's cooking that I don't feel up to right now.  I need some easy, quick, summery meal ideas.  Right now, we're eating lots of cereal, pbj, crackers and cheese, crackers and peanut butter, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, hard boiled eggs, and cucumber slices.  And melts under the broiler.  Tuna or tomato slices with cheese on top.  Yum.  I need to make a few big salads (like potato salad, coleslaw, bean salad) to have on hand.

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Yeah my ms just started so I think I'm still romantic about food :-). Although I'm starting to not want to cook mainly because I'm moving from Spain to the US on sunday an I'm completely overwhelmed.

As for the summer salads I have 2 to share and a soup.
This is still great even if you don't have raisins green onions and almonds and almonds. the sauce is soooooo yummy.

This one would be just as good vegetarian I found it because I was trying to find a creative way to use leftover roasted chicken. I love Asian foods I always have Asian vinegar in the house but you van use apple cider or wine vinegar with 2-3 t sugar to substitute.


Curry is great for the tummy and the soup even has ginger in it. :-)
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Hopefully I'll be up to cooking in a month or so. We have this big, beautiful garden and TONS of fresh produce that I planned on putting up for the cold months. So far, my husband made some fridge pickles, and I've frozen some tomatoes. I've been giving away what we can't eat or get put up. At least it isn't going to waste...but I really should be filling up on those green beans, maters, cucumbers, squash, etc.
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It sounds great, but I am also too sick to cope with recipes. 

I did a big cook up early on, about 4 weeks, and most of it is still sitting in the freezer!

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Alright then it sounds like I need to put this thread on hold. :-)

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Since a lot of us are headed out of the queasy zone, maybe it is time to dig this thread up again? We have about 70 lbs of tomatoes to process this week between the deep freezer and the bushel on the kitchen table. To make use of the fresh tomatoes without doing a lot of work, I think we're going to try this recipe tonight. We'll freeze them in vacuum bags, and then seal once they're frozen. Should be great for nice, warm meals during the cold months.

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